IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture

There are no broadcast addresses in ipv6 their

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Unformatted text preview: esses in IPv6, their function being superseded by multicast addresses. In this document, fields in addresses are given a specific name, for example, "subnet". for When this name is used with the term "ID" identifier after the name (e.g., "subnet ID"), it refers to the contents of the named field. "prefix" When it is used with the term (e.g., "subnet prefix"), it refers to all of the address from the left up to and including this field. In IPv6, all zeros and all ones are legal values for any field, unless specifically excluded. contain, or Specifically, prefixes may end with, zero-valued fields. 2.1. Addressing Model IPv6 addresses of all types are assigned to interfaces, not nodes. An IPv6 unicast address refers to a single interface. each Since interface belongs to a single node, any of that node's interfaces' unicast addresses may be used as an identifier for the node. All interfaces are required to have at least one Link-Local unicast address (see Section 2.8...
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