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IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture

E the same node as the sender ff02000000101 means

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Unformatted text preview: ulticast addresses are meaningful only within a given scope. non- For example, a group identified by the permanent, site-local multicast address FF15:0:0:0:0:0:0:101 at one site bears no relationship to a group using the same address at a different site, nor to a non-permanent group using the same group ID with a different scope, nor to a permanent group with the same group ID. Multicast addresses must not be used as source addresses in IPv6 packets or appear in any Routing header. Routers must not forward any multicast packets beyond of the scope indicated by the scop field in the destination multicast address. Nodes must not originate a packet to a multicast address whose scop field contains the reserved value 0; if such a packet is received, it must be silently dropped. packet to a Nodes should not originate a multicast address whose scop field contains the reserved value F; if such a packet is sent or received, it must be treated the same as packets destined to a global (scop E) multicast address. 2.7.1. Pre-Defined Multicast Addresses The following wel...
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