IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture

For the operation of routing protocols differ the

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Unformatted text preview: ng hierarchy. Except for the knowledge of the subnet boundary discussed in the previous paragraphs, nodes should not make any assumptions about the structure of an IPv6 address. 2.5.1. Interface Identifiers Interface identifiers in IPv6 unicast addresses are used to identify interfaces on a link. a subnet They are required to be unique within prefix. not be It is recommended that the same interface identifier assigned to different nodes on a link. unique over They may also be a broader scope. will be In some cases, an interface's identifier derived directly from that interface's link-layer address. The same interface identifier may be used on multiple interfaces on a single node, as long as they are attached to different subnets. Note that the uniqueness of interface identifiers is independent of the uniqueness of IPv6 addresses. Unicast For example, a Global address may be created with a local scope interface identifier and a Link-Local address may be created with a universal scope interface identifier...
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