IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture

O deprecated the site local unicast prefix the

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Unformatted text preview: es" and "Site- Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses". - Added text to new section describing Site-Local deprecation. o Changes to resolve issues raised in IAB response to Robert Elz appeal. Changes include the following: - Added clarification to Section 2.5 that nodes should make no assumptions about the structure of an IPv6 address. - Changed the text in Section 2.5.1 and Appendix A to refer to the Modified EUI-64 format interface identifiers with the "u" bit set to one (1) as universal. - Added clarification to Section 2.5.1 that IPv6 nodes are not required to validate that interface identifiers created in Modified EUI-64 format with the "u" bit set to one are unique. o Changed the reference indicated in Section 2.5.4 "Global Unicast Addresses" to RFC 3587. o Removed mention of NSAP addresses in examples. o Clarified that the "x" in the textual representation can be one to four digits. o Deprecated the "IPv6 Compatible Address" because it is not being used i...
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