IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture

Syntactically this anycast address is the same as a

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Unformatted text preview: er on the subnet. support the All routers are required to Subnet-Router anycast addresses for the subnets to which they have interfaces. The Subnet-Router anycast address is intended to be used for applications where a node needs to communicate with any one of the set of routers. 2.7. Multicast Addresses An IPv6 multicast address is an identifier for a group of interfaces (typically on different nodes). any An interface may belong to number of multicast groups. following Multicast addresses have the format: | | 8 | 4| 4| 112 bits +------ -+----+---+---------------------------------------------+ |11111111|flgs|scop| | group ID +--------+----+---+---------------------------------------------+ binary 11111111 at the start of the address identifies the address as being a multicast address. +-+-+-+-+ flgs is a set of 4 flags: |0|R|P|T| +-+-+-+-+ The high-order flag is reserved, and must be initialized to 0. T = 0 indicates a permanently-assigned ("well-known") multicast address, assigned by the Internet Assigned Numbers Author...
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