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Domain name a unique name that identifies a specific

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Unformatted text preview: website. As a beginner, it’s generally wiser to ignore banner advertisements unless you are familiar with the company. Searching the Internet Because there are so many things on the Internet, it is frequently hard to locate exactly what you are looking for. Search engines such as Google (www.google.com) are very helpful and allow you search the Internet. A search engine is a Website used to search for information on the World Wide Web. Google first collects websites using a computer program (called a P a d e 8 | [Pick the gate]|8 wanderer, crawler, robot, worm, or spider). Then Google creates an index of these sites so they are searchable. There are many search engines that are available - we use Google for purposes of instruction because most people use it. Performing a search in Google (See Next Page for Picture) 1. Go to Google by typing www.google.com in the URL address box (see page 5). Google is also one of the fastest search engines and provides some of the best results. 2. Next type your topic or key words (words closely related to your topic) into the box under...
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