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P a d e 5 pick the gate5 the address box

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Unformatted text preview: nnot find a button, just ask someone (they seem to be pretty tricky when they hide from you). P a d e 4 | [Pick the gate]|4 The Buttons The Back Button – This button allows you to return to the last webpage that you last visited. It is most often used if you accidentally click on a link and wish to return to your previous page. The Forward Button – If you clicked the back button, you don’t have to hunt for the hyperlink on the webpage to return to the previous webpage. Just click on the forward button to return to the previous page that you were at before you pressed the back button. Note: If the forward button is “grayed out” and when you click on it, nothing happens, this means that it is disabled. The Refresh Button – This button is useful if you are looking at...
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