Sept 1 lecture Notes

Sept 1 lecture Notes - o Version 2 Golden Age Cronus is in...

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Lecture Notes September 1, 2006 ** Hellen mentioned above – not Hellen of Troy but Hellen the father of all the Greeks (Hellenistic) Lycaon o Tested Zeus when he came to Earth o Fed Zeus prisoner stew, Zeus knows it is people and is angry Zeus associated with hospitality (big part of Greek culture) o Turned into a wolf Flood o Version 1 Zeus wants to get rid of human Only 2 people survive: Deucallion and Pyrrha Not “chosen” like Noah No boat with animals (they just reappear) Told to “throw the bones of [their] mother over [their] shoulder” Pyrrha upset, taking the instructions literally Bones of Mother Earth = rocks o Rocks that Pyrrha throws become women and rocks that Deucallion throws become men o New group of people created to continue worshipping and sacrificing to the gods
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Unformatted text preview: o Version 2 Golden Age Cronus is in charge Mt. Olympus made humans o Fertile land, long life, no work, dont die just go to sleep Silver Age Long childhood spend 100 years with mother Short adulthood Not nice people, so they were buried in the Earth Zeus ruled Bronze Age (not the historical period) Men very warlike Everything made of bronze Zeus ruled After death people went to the underworld o No heaven/helljust grey Age of Heroes (Trojan War) Equal to the historical Bronze Age Heroes good, strong, brave Isles of the Blessed after death, ruled by Cronus Iron Age 8 th century B.C. Everything is terrible People work 24/7 Partially bias because of author...
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Sept 1 lecture Notes - o Version 2 Golden Age Cronus is in...

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