Sept 1 lecture Notes

Sept 1 lecture Notes - o Version 2 Golden Age • Cronus is...

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Lecture Notes September 1, 2006 ** Hellen mentioned above – not Hellen of Troy but Hellen the father of all the Greeks (Hellenistic) Lycaon o Tested Zeus when he came to Earth o Fed Zeus prisoner stew, Zeus knows it is people and is angry Zeus associated with hospitality (big part of Greek culture) o Turned into a wolf Flood o Version 1 Zeus wants to get rid of human Only 2 people survive: Deucallion and Pyrrha Not “chosen” like Noah No boat with animals (they just reappear) Told to “throw the bones of [their] mother over [their] shoulder” Pyrrha upset, taking the instructions literally Bones of Mother Earth = rocks o Rocks that Pyrrha throws become women and rocks that Deucallion throws become men o New group of people created to continue worshipping and sacrificing to the gods
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Unformatted text preview: o Version 2 Golden Age • Cronus is in charge • Mt. Olympus made humans o Fertile land, long life, no work, don’t die – just go to sleep Silver Age • Long childhood – spend 100 years with mother • Short adulthood • Not nice people, so they were buried in the Earth • Zeus ruled Bronze Age (not the historical period) • Men very warlike • Everything made of bronze • Zeus ruled • After death people went to the underworld o No heaven/hell…just grey Age of Heroes (Trojan War) • Equal to the historical Bronze Age • Heroes – good, strong, brave • Isles of the Blessed after death, ruled by Cronus Iron Age • 8 th century B.C. • Everything is terrible • People work 24/7 • Partially bias because of author...
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Sept 1 lecture Notes - o Version 2 Golden Age • Cronus is...

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