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ITCC500 Week 2 Assignment Student Example 2

There have been internet review boards of all types

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Unformatted text preview: only allowed her to have a Facebook page if sealed it up tight, if you will, so that only her friends could see her personal information. There have been Internet review boards of all types and even task forces setup to deal with the issue of keeping kids safe online. Bauer (2009) even mentions the talks between the attorneys general and the Internet Safety Technical Task Force (ISTTF). Apparently they couldn’t even agree on what the risks were, much less how to mitigate them for our children. If adults can easily fall victim to predators, like those mentioned in Brenner’s (2009) article, the less technical savvy kids & teens don’t stand much of a chance either. Brenner cited an example, using MySpace, where a friend of a friend would have access to your page, just by virtue of your Trending Toward a Less Safe Internet 4 mutual friendship with someone else. Quoted in Brenner’s (2009) article, Dr James Arlen, a security consultant in toronto states, “There's an odd level of trust where you look at someone's profile and say 'I know this person,' but there's no real attempt at authentication." Shows such as “To Catch a Predator” (Bauer 2009), where adult men are tricked into believing the person they met online will greet them at the door in person, reveal just how serious men are interested in more than just some random role playing online. However, Ms Ybarra, from the McGlaun article makes a valid point that many kids that have issues online, often have issues offline as well. She further stated how important it is to offer support to them, regardless of the circumstances of their environment. Whether it’s hackers, “Cybergangs” (Claburn 2009), phishing or kids/teens being exploited, the Internet trend is toward a seemingly less safe place for everyone. More research is needed as time goes by and new technologies, apps and sites are developed, however. Vigilance is no longer a good defense with respect to trying to safe online. Arming ourselves...
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