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should have access to your presence access cable

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Unformatted text preview: evision will contain a hard disk to Television record shows—1 terabyte of space to store hundreds of hours of high-definition programming programming Shows can be seen when you want to see Shows them—not just when they are transmitted them—not Entertainment sold as a pay-per-view fee Entertainment or as a monthly subscription or Identification 2012 Identification Radio-frequency identification tags (RFID) Radio-frequency to keep track of inventory and payment. RFID chips are the size of a grain of rice and will sell for one cent. and People will bag the products and a RFID People will total the products and deduct from your RFID credit card in your wallet your RFID will mark the beginning of the end for RFID cash cash Communications 2012 Communications Reliable speech recognition will allow Reliable computers, phones, and household appliances to understand spoken commands commands Commands such as “Car, how far to the Commands next gas station?” will be common next Education Implications Education Wireless Networking Devices Database Storage Concepts and Database Applications Applications Voice Communication Commands Efficient Internet Search and Navigation Keyboarding Skills Remain Important Constant Professional Growth of Faculty Questions? Questions?...
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