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It will secure access to your personal databases such

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Unformatted text preview: such as online medical records, and guarantee their privacy and Laptop 2010 Laptop The laptop with voice recognition will make The keyboards obsolete and a rollout LCD screen permits the monitor to scroll permits Sight and Sound 2010 Sight A display on the eyewear will show display sensitive information for-your-eyes-only. Noise is controlled through optional Noise earpieces that electronically mute sound waves waves Computers 2010 Computers Computer displays and TV monitors are Computer replaced by one lightweight, flat LCD panel that can be placed on a desk or hung on a wall. Your PDA pulls up your personal desktop configuration for work or for play Medical Diagnosis 2010 Medical A camera and LCD screen analyze skin camera color and provide a real-time link to doctors. "Point-at-what-hurts" interaction aids diagnosis. The device lets you monitor your parents' health, too Wrist Watch 2010 Wrist A sports watch times your exercise, monitors sports vital statistics, and analyzes performance. Performance data is uploaded to your agent PDA for analysis E-Map 2010 E-Map Electronic ink and GPS combine to provide a Electronic lightweight moving map that displays your exact location in all terrains location Seating 2010 Seating Chairs will be made of a gel that conforms Chairs to your body shape and will be matched to human tissue to provide a subtle massaging massaging People will be able to heat and cool their People chair and change its configurations for perching, lounging, and sitting perching, Connectivity 2012 Connectivity Most electrical appliances connected to Most Web - machine to machine communication Web Washing machine using too much water— message sent electronically to Maytag People will be mostly unaware of near People universal connectivity because of machine-to-machine communication machine-to-machine Location 2012 Location Friends and co-workers will instantly be Friends able to see where you are because of tiny wireless phones and GPS locators wireless People can specify how they want to be People reached—text, phone, video reached—text, Much controversy about whether schools, Much employers, advertisers, etc., should have access to your presence access Cable 2012 Cable Tel...
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