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These smart will be engineered to release their drugs

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Unformatted text preview: the next decade. These Smart will be engineered to release their drugs at prewill defined times, saving the patient from having to defined remember to take doses over a period of time Internet Statistics Internet “Sex” is the Number 1 Search Term Workers Spend 21 Hours at Home and 9.5 Workers Hours at Work on Internet Each Week Hours 32.6 % of Workers Have No Objective 32.6 While Surfing the Internet While 31 % of Employers Restrict Internet Use 82 % of Businesses Believe Internet Use 82 Should Be Monitored Should IT Trends IT By 2008, at least $90 billion worth of businessto-consumer (B2C) purchase decisions to-consumer By 2008, $350 billion worth of business-tobusiness (B2B) purchase decisions — will be business based on tags containing information and opinions about purchasable items. By 2008, more than 60 percent of the U.S. By population aged 15 to 50 will carry or wear a wireless computing and communications device at least six hours a day (Source: Gartner Group). (Source: Source: [http://www.ict.tuwien.ac.at/skripten/Penzhorn] article by Dr. W. Z. Penzhorn Worldwide Biometrics Revenue $1.5 Billion $380 Million 2001 2003 Average Annual Growth Rate for the Next 3 Years Source: BTT, article by Dr. Yau Wei Yun, Laboratories for Information Technology [http://www.biometrics-today.com/who.htm] Smart Homes Smart Lighting for mood and comfort Wireless detector when guests arrive Remotely unlock door and direct guests Mood lighting for home theater Source: Frost & Sullivan – A Marketing Source: Research Firm Research Energy Management Energy HVAC System programmed for efficiency Check HVAC system remotely Wireless plumbing leak remote detection PDA to remotely check home temperature Source: International Data Corporation Home Security Home Blinds, garage doors, front door, smoke Blinds, detector, gas detector, and security system remotely checked remotely Surveillance cameras with Internet access Monitor what kids are watching on TV in another Monitor room room View search paths on the Internet to see where View others (kids and employees) have been on the Web Web Source: Microsoft Network Smart Appliances Smart Microwave with 400 recipes Refrigerator that recognizes sour milk Alarm clock communicates with coffee Alarm maker maker Sharp Co. offers microwaves...
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