Watches your fingers hit the key locations it has

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Unformatted text preview: at opaque surface. Watches” your fingers hit the key locations it has projected, and then sends the keystrokes through to your PDA or PC Available Now Global Positioning Systems Global Direct Auto Driving Integrated into Cell Phone Keep Up With Children Keep Up With Spouse Disney Phone iis Available Now s Computer Speed Trends Computer According to Moore's Law, computer power doubles every 18 months, According Moore's computer meaning that computers will be a million times more powerful by 2034. meaning At that rate, we’ll see half a trillion operations per At second – 500 times faster than today’s fastest PCs – in just 15 years. That’s just half way through a 30in year mortgage. Likewise, everyday devices with year embedded processors could be 10-50 times faster than today’s fastest PCs. They will surely be networked, and at current growth rates, speeds will exceed 1 gigabit per second in that timeframe. exceed Spyware Remains a Problem Spyware We'll also spend a big percentage of the We'll computer power on defense mechanisms such as self-healing software (to root out bugs and adapt to changing environments) and aggressively defensive virus antibodies. We'll need such software to protect against "social engineering" attacks, such as e-mail that purports to come from your boss and asks you to open an attachment. Privacy – A Thing of the Past Privacy Such machines would likely surpass the Such capabilities of NEC's Earth Simulator. Sensor networks, robots and biological chips would enable us to leave network management, health care and many household tasks to machines. Every moment of your life would be preserved on video. Internet Statistics Internet $2.6 Billion to Clean Up Code Red Virus 7.9 Million Personal Web Visits From Work 7.9 Per Month Per Online Gaming Growth to $14 Billion by Online 2008 2008 60.7 % of Workers Use Web for Personal 60.7 Use Purposes Use 32 % Bought Holiday Gift Online Technology Trends Technology The power of an Xbox console is now the The equivalent of a supercomputer in 1973 equivalent The emergence of digital ink, radio frequency ID The (RFID) tags to monitor the locations of goods will be two of many ways that networked smart objects will manifest themselves Smart pills will appear in...
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