Offers microwaves with internet sharp connection

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Unformatted text preview: with Internet Sharp connection capability connection Source: Microsoft Network IT Internet Trends IT Microsoft to win the browser war Microsoft to be a player on the Internet as Microsoft the operating system war escalates. More services to come over the Internet More with a fee. Updates, repairs, and products with Security and privacy to be big concerns Privacy Trends - Concerns Privacy Acme Car Rental in Connecticut electronically Acme monitors car speeds of customers and issues speeding tickets. speeding Microsoft Office XP can monitor who installs the Microsoft software and how many times it is installed. software Cookies can track where you surf on the Cookies Internet. Internet. Global Positioning System (GPS) to become an Global integrated device for cell phones and autos integrated IT Trends IT Cisco pioneers first Net home in Vienna. Cisco A server monitors operations and controls operations. For example, recipes can be sent to the oven. A visitor at the front door can be watched. InfoPath InfoPath Software to coincide with introduction of Software MS Office 2007 – Now in Beta Version MS Uses XML to permit a doctor to check the Uses knowledge base to determine drug insurance coverage and potential patient interaction with the prescribed drug interaction Physician will then issue prescription to Physician the pharmacy for the drug the Phones 2010 Phones Phones will be low-powered, lightweight, earmounted, and equipped with one follow-you mounted, phone number. It will connect to the Net via the PDA the Writing Pens 2010 Writing As you write with your pen, it captures your As scrawled messages and beams them to your PDA or your tube rollup monitor your PDA 2010 PDA The PDA of the future will connect to the Net and replace money, keys, credit cards, and remotes and PDA Agent ID 2010 PDA By using new scanning technology that verifies the By user's thumb-print, the PDA will open doors to cars, homes, and offices. It will secure access to your personal databases,...
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