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2009:053 M A S T E R ' S T H E S I S Usability Principles for Mobile Commerce Waqar Aziz Yaqoob Hashmi Luleå University of Technology Master Thesis, Continuation Courses Computer and Systems Science Department of Business Administration and Social Sciences Division of Information Systems Sciences 2009:053 - ISSN: 1653-0187 - ISRN: LTU-PB-EX--09/053--SE
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1 Abstract The widespread use of mobile commerce is no longer a fiction. The future is for mobile technology and mobile commerce. These emerging technologies are getting wide acceptance throughout the world. Mobile commerce getting fast popularity since it allows the freedom of movement and ease of access virtually from anywhere. The future of mobile commerce heavily depends upon how easy and how friendly is this service to use. An effective user friendly interface design plays central role in the success of mobile commerce. Therefore, the main purpose of this thesis is to evaluate the usability principles of mobile commerce; therefore we choose two main stream WAP portals CNN.com and Amazon.com. These WAP portals are leaders in mobile commerce and enjoy outstanding repute in their respective fields. In our study, we strive to highlight the potential factors that can improve the WAP services and the possible measures to adopt in order to enhance user interface design of WAP services. To reach this purpose a qualitative case study approach was used to investigate two WAP portals. The empirical data was collected through satisfaction questionnaire which was based on our fourteen commonly used “Preset Tasks” that users had carried out. These preset tasks were based on various usability principles. In conclusion, we found that both WAP portals provide high customer value, flexibility and good usability experience; however there are still some potential areas of improvement. In our study, based on our findings and literature review we highlighted the usability principles for WAP services that could be used as guide for the design of future WAP services. Keywords: WAP usability, Usability Principles, Mobile commerce, User Interface Design, Principles to support usability, Usability Heuristics, Amzon.com, CNN.com
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