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Unformatted text preview: of current WAP services contain major usability flaws? The preset tasks 1 to 8 are related to CNN portal whereas tasks 9 to 14 are related to Amazon portal. 55 Task 1. Connect to CNN portal and read latest world news The users connected with CNN.com and they read variety of news under “home page” and “world’s news” links. All the text and color were found user friendly and contents of site were found good. However, there were approx. 25 common menus which starts from World, U.S, Weather, Business, Sports, Law, video, Travel…contact us which appears under every links. These menus which appears constantly under every link, occupies a wide space of mobile screen. It increases the down loading time on every page. In addition, it creates a scrolling hurdle for readers because in order to access the desire information on every page, the reader first have to scroll down through all these common menus in order to access the desire information/article. All these menus should be limited to home page and reader can access them one by one by using “Back Button” or using “Home Button”. The home page was full of images, which results in increase in downloading time, furthermore, the long list of menus, make reader confuse to search the desire information. Task 2. Choose world news headlines and read any corresponding article Various news and corresponding articles from cnn.com/WORLD were explored for reading. All explored articles were found in good health. The task was carried out successfully. Task 3. Retrieve tomorrow’s weather forecast for Texas The participant users accessed the weather forecast and the link was working properly. There were two options given to obtain weather forecast, by City name (i.e. Hustan), or by entering ZIP code for that city/state. The users tested both options and got their desired results. However, there was an option to select a city from pick list “Select from list” to select a country and city but that pick list was not operational. By clicking this drop down list, it could not work and even could not produce any error massage. Task 4. Retrieve tonight TV listing of Star Movies There was no TV Guide available, where reader can get the schedule of TV Programs based on channel. There were some other links like “Entertainment” where several TV news and TV stories were covered and hot TV programs of some channels were also given however users were unable to obtain their tonight TV listing of Star Movies. In addition, the information available for “hot TV programs” and “TV stories” was not in an ascending order / indexed and users could not understand the logic of information display. In other words the information was scattered. 56 Task 5. Retrieve Law Reports and read an article The law reports were arranged well and articles were found operational. The users successfully retrieved and read different articles. However under CNN.com/LAW link there were almost 9 different big and small images found which noticeably reduced the down loading time. Task 6. Go to Video menu and watch any video clip of your interest and go back to home page Under cnn.com/VIDEO menu, none of videos were found operational. It was more surprising that, even it could not display any error massage. Apparently, it seems that user has not click the link, however after making many attempts it was confirmed that the link was not operational. The same result was found under home page, where users tried to watch some news video clips but non of them were found operational for example, one video clip ”Is the Iraqi army getting closer to taking control” the video clip could not run/ execute. Several other video clips were also test but the result remains the same. 7. Go to Travel menu, and choose a travel plan of your own choice In order to book a ticket or make travel plan, there were several options under the cnn.com/Travel link. These were external links to other websites, such as Air Canada/West jet/ American Air Lines/ Kayak etc. The customer has to switch to these external portals in order to finalize a deal. The first available link was about Air Canada. While clicking on Air Canada link an error messages appeared that “This site is temporarily down for maintenance. Please come back later. Thanks, Sorry for inconvenience” However other available external links were found operational for example, West jet and American Air Lines. 8. Go to sports menu and under sports highlights, search sports sore of any game of your choice The sports highlight shows a broad range of sport highlights including sports scores, event dates and sports commentary. The available information was rich in its context. In order to find any particular sports info, the user has to write the sports name in “Search Box” to retrieve desired information. While writing sports name, the user might make spelling mistake or space between keyword which not recognized by the portal. Therefore, it is highly desired that all sports names should be pre...
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