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Unformatted text preview: omTom One 125 Garmin Nuvi 760 4 Garmin Nuvi 360 5 TomTom One XL 6 Garmin Nuvi 360 7 Garmin Nuvi 255W GPS Size 3.5 inch Portable Navigator 3.5 inch Portable Navigator 4.3 inch Portable automobile Navigator 3.5 inch Blue tooth Portable Navigator 4.3 inch Portable Navigator with US & Canada maps 3.5 inch Blue tooth Portable Navigator with text to speech 4.3 inch Portable Navigator Price $312.00 $79.95 $226.99 $158.51 $174.99 $158.51 $201.39 The sorting method/order of Amazon portal was remained unknown. It was observed that GPS’s was not sorted on GPS Name, Model and Size and even not on Price. The 62 user successfully selected various GPS and added them into “shopping cart” and proceeded to checkout to complete transition as test case. The user did not bought anything, since our intention was just to test the full transaction cycle. 14. Search any Microsoft product in software category and adds into shopping cart The users searched for MS Office XP and 2007 software’s in Amazon portal. They found variety of software products such MS office 2007 student edition and home edition. The product was offered in CD form. In addition, the product was also offered as “Used & New” product. The both “Used & New” software had different prices and “New” software was less expensive as compare to “Used” software. However, the nature of “Used” software was quite confusing; even though it was “Used” software but it was more expensive than “New” one; therefore users wondered why it was being offered? Furthermore, the source of “Used” being was not even mentioned. However, the task was carried out successfully. RQ 2. How the m-commerce interface design can be made user-friendly? 5.2.2 AMAZON.COM Visibility of system status The system visibility of Amazon was very good. The system processes the request quickly. The information was mainly managed using different product segments such as Books, Electronics, DVD etc. However, user can find variety of products using “Search” option. Whenever search was made the system immediately shows the result or shows a message “Processing data”, therefore user should not click the button again. In “Shopping Cart” user can view all added products. “Shopping cart” also shows the data without any delay. In task-13 and task-14 shopping cart utility was experienced. Use user’s own language As for as, the Amazon business is concern it offers verity of products online to general public. Therefore, the language used in Amazon must be simple and easy to understand. In task-12 “Find the latest deals under “Deal of the day” and explore the product details”. Under that link, users found “Life span Fitness TR 3000-HRC Treadmill” as deal of the day. When users attempt to explore “Product Details” information, they found following information “Sports, Life span Fitness amazon.com Sales Rank: 23, UPC: 0855959000201)” 63 The users reported the above mention information insufficient and inappropriate, since detail does not give the right idea about product itself; it just shows an inventory number UPC: 0855959000201 which might be good for internal use. User control and freedom The user control and freedom was very well managed in Amazon. User can easily navigate around Amazon portal using “Next Page”, “Previous Page” and “Amazon.com Home” options. Consistency and standards The Amazon portal was found well consistent, since the information was arranged using “Product Categories” such as Books, Electronic, DVD’s etc. In addition, comprehensive “Search” was available on every page, so if customer wish to made new search he/she should not have to go all the way back just to make new search. For selection purpose, check box button were used so that customer can easily make a choice among variety of options. Error Prevention In Amazon.com portal is well designed portal that prevent errors to occur. While conducting tasks from 9 – 14, the users could not face any errors. All links were fully operational. Recognition versus Recall Amazon is a public oriented (Business to Consumer) WAP portal. Therefore, recognition is an important factor for Amazon. In task-13 & task-14 user added various products into “shopping cart” to test a complete business transition. By using “Shopping cart” user simply add products into system and system will “remember” (keep track) of all these added products using shopping cart. Due to this efficient recognition method, customers don’t have to remember anything. Flexibility of use The Amazon portal is highly flexibility. Users with different backgrounds (experienced and inexperienced) easily completed the tasks 9-14. The users reported the portal easy to learn, flexible to use, content full and easy to navigate. Therefore Amazon is good example of flexible portal. 64 Aesthetic and minimalist design The Amazon portal is good example of aesthetic and minimalist design. Most of the information is arranged using product categories s...
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