According to yin 1994 case studies can also be

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Unformatted text preview: ed observations enable the researcher to study many different aspects and how they relate to each other in the total environment. According to Yin (1994) case studies can also be performed and include more than one case, which is called a multiple case study. Multiple case studies have advantage of providing evidence that is considered to be more compelling and more robust, however they are also time consuming and expensive. For our thesis, we will use multiple-case 47 study, because multiple cases studies have advantage of providing evidence that is considered to be more compelling and more robust. Therefore, based on the nature of our research multiple case studies are suitable strategy and we have chosen two WAP portals and as our cases studies. The criteria for this selection is that, the both WAP portals are well known, well structured and reliable brands for m-commerce and leading WAP portals of their respective fields. Due to their long outstanding positions in m-commerce, these portals are generally considered as well established WAP portals, as compare to many other new and unknown portals. In addition, these two WAP portals are few of the most frequently visited portals; therefore, they have been constantly updated according to the needs of users. Therefore, as compare to other portals, we found them full of contents and most suitable for our case study. is mainly deals in national and international news, weather, TV programs whereas deals in online shopping and offer a broad range of products such as books, videos, journals and academics just a few names to mention. As for as, the business nature of both WAP portals are concern they are different. Therefore, we found these portals very interesting to explore with two different business domains. Since, back to our research problem, the reason of this selection is mainly that we want to evaluate the usability principles of WAP enabled services; therefore these portals offer rich usability. 4.4 Sample Selection While conducting research, it is generally impossible or too much expensive to collect data from all the potential units of analysis included in the research problem. However, samples are chosen to represent the relevant attributes of the whole population. Since, the samples are not perfectly representative of the population from which they are drawn, the researcher cannot be certain that the conclusions will be generalized to the entire population (Graziano & Raulin, 1997). Based on the nature of our research, our sample selection criteria is as following: We have selected forty graduate level college students, with variety of educational background, however mainly in computer science, business administration and electronic commerce fields; therefore we can get benefit from their knowledge and technical skills. We have selected these forty students with m-commerce experience, so we can get benefit of their usability experience. In fact, these students are real “M-Commerce 48 customers” and have been using m-commerce for games, books, music, videos, CD’s, soft drinks, e-ticketing, buying home appliances and conducting bank transactions as well as broad range of other product and services. The other interests of these m-commerce customers includes, internet browsing, news searching, finding new product offering and hot deals. These selected students for survey were studying at Luleå University of Technology, Luleå, Sweden. These sample students were easy to access within University campus, since finding other WAP customers (non-students) was quite difficult because we could not get access to any company to dig up customer database for survey. Since, these students are actual m-commerce customers; therefore they fulfill our study needs. We have selected both male and female students with age between “18-35” years, because young people are more adventurous about m-commerce, as compare to senior citizens. A research conducted by AFNOM and TNS Sofres (2005) shows that in a Norwegian survey, 80% of 8-24 yearolds participants answered that they had used a mobile telephone for m-commerce previous day. 4.5 Data Collection According to Denscombe (2003) data collection are the tactics to reach our goal. He states that research methods are tools, including techniques of data gathering, techniques of analysis and techniques of writing. There are two common classification of data on which research design depends: 1) Primary Data: Observation Experimentation Questionnaires Interviews 2) Secondary Data: Research reports Books Articles Trade publications 49 According to Yin (1994) data may be collected using six different sources such as, Documents Archival records Interviews Direct observation Participant observation and Physical artifacts Denscombe (2003) and Yin (1994) agree that qualitative researchers should try to use as many different sources as possible in qualitative research. Yin (1994) added that no single source has complete advantage of all other...
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