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Unformatted text preview: is time consuming as well users might make spelling mistake. Therefore, CNN portal does not support the theory. Whereas, in Amazon case, most of the information is preset thus user can just easily select, therefore Amazon portal fully supports the theory. Help Facility As for as CNN portal is concern, there is no help facility on portal, therefore CNN does not support the theory. Whereas, in Amazon case, the portal provides a comprehensive “Help” facility that guide the user with easy to follow steps throughout the site, therefore Amazon supports the theory. 89 6.2.2 Cross Case Analysis RQ 2. How the m-commerce interface design can be made userfriendly? How the interface can be made user friendly CNN Amazon Visibility of system status Yes Yes Use user’s own language Yes No User control and freedom Yes Yes Consistency and standards Yes Yes Error Prevention No Yes Recognition versus Recall Yes Yes Flexibility of use Yes Yes Aesthetic and minimalist design Yes Yes Sensible error messages Yes Yes Robustness No Yes System Utility Yes Yes System Safety Yes Yes Table 6.2: Factors that contribute in user friendly m-commerce interface Visibility of system status Both CNN and Amazon portals keep users informed about what is going on through appropriate feedback within reasonable time. The system visibility of both portals was very good. The system processes the request quickly. The information was mainly managed using different product segments. However, “Search” option was also available to find different products. Whenever search was carried out, the system immediately shows the result or shows a message “Processing data”, therefore user should not click the button again and again. Therefore both portals support the theory. 90 Use user’s own language In CNN case, the real life language was used. Especially in news section, easy and every day English language was used. The vocabulary selection was very simple. However, in Amazon case, under task-12 when “product details” of “Life span Fitness TR 3000-HRC Treadmill” was explored it does not have user language. The users were unable to understand the information; therefore Amazon does not support theory. User control and freedom The user control and freedom was ensured on CNN portal, since user easily moved around the portal using “Next”, “Previous” and “Go to Top” options. By using these navigation options user can easily move around portal with ease of freedom, therefore CNN portal supports the theory. Similarly, in Amazon portal, user can easily navigate around Amazon portal using “Next Page”, “Previous Page” and “ Home” options, therefore both CNN and Amazon supports the theory. Consistency and standards In CNN case, the portal was found highly consistent. All the main headings were in bold and in bigger font, whereas all the “detailed news” were in normal text. Wherever, there was a “SEARCH” option, it was followed by a “SUBMIT” button throughout the portal. Similarly, Amazon portal was found well consistent, since the information was arranged using “Product Categories” such as Books, Electronic, DVD’s etc. In addition, comprehensive “Search” option was available on every page. Therefore both CNN and Amazon fit with the theory. Error Prevention The error prevention method in CNN portal was not very effective, therefore it does not supports the theory. Since, in task-6 under menu, none of videos were found operational. It was even more frustrating that system does not produce any error. In addition, in task-7 “Choose a Travel plan of your choice” the external link for Air Canada was broken which shows that portal was updated very well. However, the Amazon portal is well designed that prevent errors to occur. While conducting tasks from 9 – 14, the users could not face any errors. All links were fully operational, only Amazon supports the theory. Recognition versus Recall Since, the nature of CNN portal was limited to news and no complex shopping experience was involved, therefore most of the information was very simple to understand and recognize, therefore it CNN supports the theory. In Amazon case, Amazon is a public oriented (Business to Consumer) WAP portal. Therefore, 91 recognition is an important factor for Amazon. In task-13 & task-14 users added various products into “shopping cart” to test a complete business transition. By using “Shopping cart” user simply add products into system and system will “remember” (keep track) of all these added products using shopping cart. Due to this efficient recognition method, customers don’t have to remember anything; therefore Amazon also supports the theory. Flexibility of use Both CNN and Amazon portal found flexible to use. In CNN case, the portal provides high level of flexibility, because within a very short period of time; the users were successfully able to conduct variety of tasks. Similarly, Amazon portal is also highl...
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