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In addition in case of error in spelling or space in

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Unformatted text preview: y, soccer, volleyball etc. In order to find any sports score, user has to enter the sports name in “Search Box” to retrieve desired information. While writing sports name, the users sometime could not got results because of space in keywords and sometimes joining the keywords. The users were confused how to proceed with the task. In addition, in case of error in spelling or space in keyword, system does not produce any “ALTERNATIVE”, (Did you mean: Ice Hockey) that could be a best way to guide the user; therefore, the Robustness of CNN was remain very poor. Utility As for as, the utility of CNN portal is concern, the portal offers functional efficiency to perform variety of tasks such as reading latest world news, weather, law, entertainment, travel and health news and articles just a few names to mention. The portal is fully operational to perform all basic tasks successfully. Safety CNN.com is a news broadcasting agency, therefore based on their business nature, there are no heavy transitions involved in CNN portal. Most of information is available to readers free of charge. However, few articles are needed to buy in order to read that articles. In such cases, the system can perform immediate transition using secure credit cards. 60 5.2 AMAZON.COM Amazon.com is a Fortune 500 company based and founded in Seattle, Washington. Amazon.com is a global leader in e-commerce, since 1995, when Jeff Bezos started Amazon.com, the company has significantly expanded its product offerings, international sites and worldwide network of fulfilment and customer-service centres. At present, Amazon.com offers everything from books, electronics to diamond jewellery. The company operate sites in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, and China. In 2000, the company began to offer its best-of-breed e-commerce platform to other retailers and to individual sellers. At the moment, big-name retailers work with Amazon services to power their e-commerce offerings from end-to-end, including technology services, merchandising, customer service, technical support and order delivery (amazon.com). RQ 1. Does the design of current WAP services contain major usability flaws? 5.2.1 AMAZON.COM Task 9. Connect to Amazon WAP portal and choose any Book or Text Book based on Book Title or author name The users could browse books related information by two ways, first by entering “book title”, secondly by entering “Author name”. The search option was efficient enough to produce results. The users successfully found different books based on book title and author name. In addition, the user can also find book by entering book “ISBN number” which was observed much faster and accurate way of searching. Task 10. Choose Jewelry & Watches and find Jewelry or Watch of your own interest There was a comprehensive category of jewellery and watches available under this category range form jewellery, Pearls, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Men's Jewellery, Children's Jewellery, and Religious Jewellery and to countless watch models. Different jewellery items were tried to find and all search options were found operational. Task 11. Find any DVD of your interest based on DVD name or Actor name There were several options to find DVDs based on their category like Action Movies, Crime movies, Disaster Films, Kids & Teens Moves etc. Search on both DVD name or actor name were found successful. Several searches made to test results, for instance, 61 search based on movie name “Gladiator” and a separate search made by actor name “Russell Crowe” retrieved desire results. 12. Find the latest deals under “Deal of the day” and explore the product details. Under the “deal of the day” link, the users found a big image of “Life span Fitness TR 3000-HRC Treadmill” as deal of the day. There were five additional images available for users to view different parts of that product. The users could review “View customer reviews” and “Editorial reviews’ for comments. The product info is an important element for users. Under “Product Details” link, they found following information “Sports, Life span Fitness amazon.com Sales Rank: 23, UPC: 0855959000201)” The users reported the above mention information insufficient and inappropriate, since detail does not give the right idea about product itself; it just shows an inventory kind of number UPC: 0855959000201 which might be good for internal use. They were expecting product information such as product weight, length, material used i.e Aluminum or steel, and belt made of leather, size of computer LCD display etc. 13. Find GPS under “Electronics” category and add to “Shopping Cart” to test a complete transaction Under Electronics category, the users entered GPS in “Search” option. The system retrieved variety of GPS available on amazon.com portal. The results retrieved by search option are as following: Sorting order 1 2 3 GPS Name & Model Garmin Nuvi 350 T...
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