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Unformatted text preview: ny video, it does not execute. The users reported that, initially they thought that they have not properly clicked the link/object; therefore they pressed the link many times to executive the video however it does not work. It was even more frustrating that the portal could not even produces any error massage to guide the user about the possible reason of the failure. Therefore, it does not support the theory. Avoid dead ends According to Condos et al. (2002) the items that are no longer available in system, should be removed from the portal, since if user browse them and proceed with shopping and later on found that they are no longer available will be frustrating to him. In link, there were several external links where customers can choose a travel plan. These were external links to other websites, such as Air Canada/West jet/ American Air Lines/ Kayak etc. The first available link was about Air Canada. While clicking on Air Canada an error messages appeared that “This site is temporarily down for maintenance. Please come back later. Thanks, Sorry for inconvenience”. However other available external links were found operational for example, West jet and American Air Lines. The WAP portals should make it possible to remove/update these broken links constantly to improve service delivery. Therefore, the does not support the theory. 67 Format and present content appropriately According to Condos et al. (2002) the contents of WAP portal should be designed and formatted according to the particular characteristics of the mobile environment in order to achieve the expectations of the mobile user. CNN portal presents good content management. The contents are arranged according to the specific needs of WAP users, for example, while connecting with CNN portal, user can find the “News head lines”, “Breaking News” and “World News” etc. right on top. The site is well formatted and tests are well arranged. The portal is informative and summarized that enhance the user experience, therefore it supports the theory. Offer consistency in navigation and naming of menu options According to Condos et al. (2002) designers of WAP services should make sure that the users are facilitated with consistent navigation options throughout the site. Such consistency in navigation menus will highly help the user to browse site and make easier to fetch information. CNN portal is found highly consistent. The site is a good example of high level of ease of navigation. For example, the use of "back" button, when pressed takes the user back to the previous page and not one level up. Therefore, the options, which are given lead the user to same site of its name throughout the site, therefore its supports the theory. Provide the user with sufficient prompting According to Condos et al. (2002) it should be make easy for users to find clear and sufficient information at least time and sufficient help and guidance should be given to complete common tasks. The interface should be made user-friendly to assist users how to select options, such as textboxes order processing etc. CNN portal is fairly competent and provides customer efficient prompting in input selection, for instance in task-3 Retrieve tomorrow’s weather forecast for Texas, the user is prompted with to choose search by “City name” (i.e. Hustan), or by entering “ZIP code” for that city/state. Therefore user is instantly guided throughout the site to use available features; therefore CNN portal support the theory. Minimize user input According to Condos et al. (2002) as the typical nature of WAP services are concern, it is difficult to give input by using a WAP phone as compare to the keyboard, therefore, the designer should take it on a high priority that the maximum input should be technically handed by using check box buttons to save user time. In CNN portal case, the users carried out task-8 by choosing “sports highlights” under sports menu and to search sports sore of any game of your choice. The sports highlight shows a broad range 68 of sports highlights including sports scores, event dates and sports commentary. The available information was rich in its context however in order to find any particular sports info, the user has to write the sports name in “Search Box” to retrieve desired information. While writing sports name, there is a chance of spelling mistake or extra space between keywords which is not recognized by the portal. Therefore, it is highly desired that all sports names should be predefined on portal in an ascending order, therefore user can simply pick any sport of his/her own interest instead of entering sports name. Therefore, does not support this theory. Structure tasks to aid the user's interaction with the system According to Condos et al. (2002) in WAP portals the information should be designed in a way that provides the user with a clear, logical and highly structured choice of options. In CNN por...
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