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In order to find any particular sports info the user

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Unformatted text preview: plan. These were external links to other websites, one of them was Air Canada that does not work and generate an error message “This site is temporarily down for maintenance. Please come back later. Thanks, Sorry for inconvenience”. Therefore CNN does not support the theory. However, no broken links discovered in Amazon portal, therefore Amazon supports the theory. 86 Format and present content appropriately Both CNN.com and Amazon.com WAP portals presents good content management. Both portals are informative and summarized and enhance user experience, therefore both portals supports the theory. Offer consistency in navigation and naming of menu options The both CNN.com and Amazon.com WAP portals are found highly consistent. These sites are good example of high level of ease of navigation and consistency. The options, which are given on sites leads the user to same site of its name throughout the site, therefore both portals supports the theory. Provide the user with sufficient prompting Both, CNN and Amazon portals are fairly competent and provide customer efficient prompting in input selection to throughout order processing. On both portals, the users were guided throughout the process how to complete a transaction; therefore both portals support the theory. Minimize user input In CNN portal case, the users carried out task-8 by choosing “sports highlights” under sports menu and to search sports sore of any game of your choice. In order to find any particular sports info, the user has to write the sports name in “Search Box” to retrieve desired information. While writing sports name, there is a chance of spelling mistake or extra space between keywords which might not recognized by the portal. Therefore, CNN portal does not support this theory. However, Amazon fully supports this theory, since mostly information is given by preset lists or by minimum input. Structure tasks to aid the user's interaction with the system In CNN portal case, the tasks are structured using 25 common menus starting from “World, U.S, Weather, Business, Sports, Law, video, Travel etc.” It guides the user how and where to begin with the portal. The user can easily complete basic and common tasks with the minimum amount of interaction. Similarly, in Amazon, the main tasks are categorized using “Books, Electronics, Games and DVD’s etc.” menus. Therefore, both portals fit with the theory. 87 Learnability Both, CNN and Amazon portals offer high level of learnability to their customers. The users validated the ease of learnability by confidently moving around the portal and successfully completing the tasks. In few minutes, they become familiar with both portals. Therefore, both portals fit with the theory of learnability. Efficiency of Use It was observed that both WAP portals support the theory of efficiency of use, since within a very short period of time, the users were successful and confident to conduct a variety of tasks. In task 13 and task 14, users easily navigate within the system and test the full business transaction efficiently. Memorability The both WAP portals were found easy to memorize. For instance, task 6 from CNN and task 13, and 14 from Amazon were long tasks where users have to go through various steps to in order to finish those tasks. The user successfully carried out these tasks. At the end of the tasks, mostly users feel that they are now expert users. Therefore, both CNN and Amazon portals align with the theory. Subjective Satisfaction Both portals were found good in subjective satisfaction, since users reported their satisfaction that system is pleasurable to use. Various tasks were designed to test subjective satisfaction such as task-7 and task-8 from CNN and task 13 and 14 from Amazon. The users successfully carried out these tasks and reported them operational. Therefore both WAP portals agree with the theory of subjective satisfaction. E-Navigation and Labeling It is observed that most of the information available on both WAP portals are available in various categories, for instance in CNN case, the information is organized in main categories such as “World, Weather, Law, Travel” etc. Similarly, in Amazon the categories of “Books, Electronics, DVD, Games” etc. are found, therefore both WAP portals fully align with the theory. 88 Unnecessary browse time In CNN.com case of Task-5, under cnn.com/LAW link, there were almost 9 different big and small images found which noticeably reduced the down loading time, Therefore CNN does not fully supports the theory. However in Amazon portal case, there were no big images, and WAP browsing was very fast, therefore Amazon supports the theory. Minimize input In CNN case of Task-8, the sports highlight shows a broad range of sport highlights including sports scores. In order to find any particular sports info, the user has to write the sports name in “Search Box” to retrieve desired information. It was observed that giving input by entering “sports name”...
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