In task 8 the users attempt to find score of

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Unformatted text preview: ch video” none of the video’s were operational, however in this case system does not produce any error. In Second place, in task-7, In order to book a ticket under the link the external link for Air Canada does not work and system generates following error message “This site is temporarily down for maintenance. Please come back later. Thanks, Sorry for inconvenience” As for as, the error message was concern, it was sensible and supports the theory. Robustness According to Dix et al., (1993) a user engaged with a computer in order to achieve some goals in that specific business domain. The robustness of that interaction comprises features that support the successful achievement and assessment of that goal. In order to validate robustness in CNN portal, various tasks were conducted. Especially task-7 “Go to Travel menu, and choose a travel plan of your own choice” and task-8 “Go to sports menu, under sports highlights, watch any sports video” were performed. The task-7 was partially successful, since the user were unable to perform any travel arrangement using Air Canada external, however they successfully perform booking using other external air lines. In task-8, the users attempt to find “Score” of different sports such as ice-hockey, soccer, volleyball etc. In order to find any sports score, user has to enter the sports name in “Search Box” to retrieve desired information. While writing sports name, the users sometime could not got results because of space in keywords and sometimes joining the keywords. The users were confused how to proceed with the task. In addition, in case of error in spelling or space in keyword, system does not produce any “ALTERNATIVE”, (Did you mean: Ice Hockey) that could be the best way to guide the user, rather than not showing any result. Since, the robustness of CNN was very poor therefore it does not support the theory. 80 System utility According to Preece et al.,(1995) the term ‘utility’ refers to the functionality of a system or system efforts to improve ‘effectiveness’ and ‘efficiency’ which are clear and fundamental aims. System utility enables a system to manage and control system operation so that application software can perform a task successfully. As for as, the system utility of CNN portal is concern, the portal offers functional efficiency to perform variety of tasks such as reading latest world news, weather, law, entertainment Travel and health news and articles just a few to mention. The portal is fully operational to perform all basic tasks successfully and supports the theory. System Safety According to Preece et al.,(1995) the term ‘safety’ refers to its relation to computer systems which is a principal importance in the design of safety critical systems. is a news providing agency, therefore based on their business nature, there are no heavy transitions involved in CNN portal. Most of information is available to readers free of charge. However, few articles need to be pay, in order to read that articles. In such cases, the system can perform immediate transition using secure credit cards, therefore it supports the theory. RQ 2. How the m-commerce interface design can be made user-friendly? 6.1.4 AMAZON.COM Visibility of system status According to Nielsen (1990) the system should always keep users informed about what is going on through appropriate feedback within reasonable time. The user needs some sort of feedback that lets them know that their command is being processed. The system visibility of Amazon was very good. The system processes the request quickly. The information was mainly managed using different product segments such as Books, Electronics, DVD’s etc. However, user can find variety of products using “Search” option. Whenever search was made the system immediately shows the result or shows a message “Processing data”, therefore user should not click the button again and again. In “Shopping Cart” user can view all added products. “Shopping cart” also shows the data without any delay. In task-13 and task-14 visibility of system status was experienced while using “shopping cart”, therefore Amazon supports the theory. 81 Use user’s own language According to Nielsen (1990) the system should speak the user’s language, with words, phrases and concepts familiar to the user, rather than system-oriented expressions. As for as, the Amazon business is concern it offers verity of products to general customers. Therefore, the language used in Amazon must be simple and easy to understand. In task-12 “Find the latest deals under “Deal of the day” and explore the product details”. Under that link, users found “Life span Fitness TR 3000-HRC Treadmill” as deal of the day. When users attempt to explore “Product Details” information, they found following information “Sports, Life span Fitness Sales Rank: 23, UPC: 0855959000201)” The users reported the above mention information insufficient and inappropriate, since detail does not give the right idea about product itself; it...
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