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Unformatted text preview: retrieve desired information. It was observed that giving input by entering “sports name” is time consuming as well users might make spelling mistake or space between keywords which are not recognized by the portal. Therefore, it is highly desired that all sports names should be pre-defined/preset, so user just pick any sport of his/her own interest. Therefore, CNN portal does not support the theory. Help Facility According to Ramsay (2001), help facility should be offered at all WAP sites, so that user can get an assistant as per situation. As for as CNN portal is concern, there is no help facility on portal. User could not got any way to answer his questions or where to begin. Instead of “Help Facility” the portal use “Search” option to provide variety of results based on keyword search. It help the user to find different articles or news of his/her own choice, however it can’t use exact alternate of help facility, since it did not guide the user how to “Report an error”, “how to upload/send a video” or “contact us” etc. Therefore, CNN portal does not support the theory. 71 RQ.1 Does the design of current WAP services contain major usability flaws? 6.1.2 Within Case Analysis – Amazon Make careful use of graphics According to Condos et al. (2002), the use of graphics should be done very carefully, although some graphics such as corporate logo can represent a company brand or it can differentiate a WAP site from competitors, however it should look pleasant to the eyes of users and it should not occupy screen real estate which can be to present some other material. In portal case, the portal contains few heavy images but these images are just used on few places, such as in task-12 “Find the latest deals under “Deal of the day” and explore the product details”. Under the “deal of the day” link, the users found a big image of “Life span Fitness TR 3000-HRC Treadmill” as deal of the day. There were five additional images available for users to view different parts of that product; however these five additional images were just optional to view different shapes of that product, therefore if customer wants to skip these images, he/she can do that. Therefore, Amazon portal fits with the theory. Avoid long list According to Condos et al. (2002) it is a well-documented fact that there are some users who rarely scroll down a navigation page to see any options that might not be directly visible to them. That is not mainly due to the fact that users are too lazy to scroll down, but because they are not aware of the fact that there are more options available to them. Therefore, designers of WAP services should generally avoid long lists when possible. In Amazon case, the portal does not have any long lists to scroll down. The site is mainly organized using few main categories such as “Books, Electronics, Games and DVD’s, however if customer want to have a full list, he/she can find full list of items/products under “All Categories”, therefore Amazon portal fully supports the theory. Make important options visible to the users According to Condos et al. (2002), in order to successfully complete a task the important menus or link should be directly visible to the users. In Amazon case, all the important menus were highlighted and easily visible to the customers. For example, while entering on Amazon portal, the important products are visible to customer such as 72 “Books, Electronics, Games and DVD’s” etc. if customer wants to buy something, he/she can add these products into “shopping cart”. In addition, the “Deals of the day” is there to attract customer. In short, all the important options are visible to customer, therefore, Amazon portal fully support the theory. Provide clear, helpful and meaningful error messages According to Condos et al. (2002), the designers of WAP services should make sure that when an error does occur, the user is presented with a meaningful and, more importantly, helpful message. In portal case, while conducting various tasks from 9 – 14, the users could not face any errors. All links were fully operational therefore, portal supports the theory. Avoid dead ends According to Condos et al. (2002) the items that are no longer available in system, should be removed from the portal, since if user browse them and proceed with shopping and later on found that they are no longer available will be frustrating to him. In Amazon case, task 13 and 14 were specially designed to test the fully business life cycle, therefore we can figure out if the portal does have any error or dead ends. The user successfully selected different products and added these products into “shopping cart”, and proceeded to payment. While conducting all these tasks, the portal does not produce any error of dead end and all tasks were completed successfully, therefore Amazon portal supports the theory. Format and present content appropriately According...
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