Since the data collected can be boring and overloaded

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Unformatted text preview: be drawn (Miles & Huberman, 1994). Data display refers to an organized assembly of information that permits conclusions, drawing and action taking. Since, the data collected can be boring and overloaded humans’ information-processing capabilities, displays should be used to organize the information in an immediately accessible form e.g schedules, graphs, etc. (Miles & Huberman, 1994). The final analytical activity for the qualitative research is conclusion drawing/verification. Analysts start to decide what things mean from the beginning of data collection. They do this by noting regularities, patterns, explanations, possible configurations, causal flows, and propositions. However, a competent researcher should hold such conclusions lightly, while maintaining both openness and degree of scepticism. The research should follow these three steps in data analysis (Miles & Huberman, 1994). Our data analysis is based on these three steps. We will use the within-case analysis and the cross-case analysis mentioned by Miles and Huberman (1994). The data will first be reduced through a within-case analysis where the cases will be compared with the theory and frame of reference. The data will then be further reduced by being displayed through a cross-case analysis where the cases will be compared with one another to find similarities and differences and finally we will draw our conclusion. 4.7 Validity and Reliability Reliability and validity are essential aspects of research practice; therefore importance of these criteria’s should be recognized by researchers who are engaged in survey work. These terms are not always easily distinguished; some degree of overlap can be expected and they are somehow interconnected (Chisnall, 1997). 53 4.7.1 Validity Validity refers to the extent that how well a specific research method measures what it claims to measure. For instance, a thermometer is designed to measure temperature and a barometer is designed to measure atmospheric pressure. It is generally more difficult to resolve validity than reliability (Chisnall, 1997). In order to increase the validity, we have formed a detail task table which will act as guide for WAP testing students to carryout some certain tasks, therefore students can successfully carryout these tasks. 4.7.2 Reliability Reliability refers to the stability and consistency of results obtained from research. The extent of the probability that the same results could be obtained if the measures used in the research were replicated. Basically, reliability is associated with the consistency, accuracy and predictability of specific research findings. In addition, the role of reliability is to minimize the errors and biases in a study. There are two major things that can increase reliability: the use of case study protocol and the development of a case study database (Chisnall, 1997). To increase reliability, we prepared our satisfaction questionnaire and open-ended questions were asked in questionnaire. 54 CHAPTER 5. DATA PRESENTATION This chapter will present the empirical data collected from the two case studies. The presentation is divided into two sections; it starts with introduction of the, followed by and their data respectively. We will present the data collected through questionnaires which was based on our Preset tasks executed by WAP users. It does the same order as our research questions are posed, conceptualized and the literature was reviewed. 5.1 CNN.COM is among the world's leaders in online news and information delivery. CNN has a team of dedicated staff to work 24 hours, seven days a week throughout the year. CNN's world headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia, and in bureaus worldwide. heavily relies on CNN's global team of almost 4,000 news professionals. features the latest multimedia technologies, from live video streaming, audio packages to searchable archives of news features and background information. The site is updated continuously throughout the day. ( is owned by parent company “Time Warner Inc.” which is a leading global media and entertainment company with businesses in films, entertainment, television networks, interactive services, cable systems and publishing. In terms of quality, popularity and financial results, Time Warner divisions are generally at the top of their categories. America Online, Time Inc., Time Warner Cable, Home Box Office, New Line Cinema, Turner Broadcasting System and Warner Bros. are just few examples. ( RQ 1. Does the design of current WAP services contain major usability flaws? 5.1.1 CNN.COM In Literature review, we have studied usability engineering, usability principles, usability attributes and usability principles for WAP services. In our research methodology chapter, we have formed our preset tasks based on usability principles for WAP services to answer our first research question to workout does the design...
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