Task 5 in cnn is an example of heavy images that

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Unformatted text preview: hile clicking on any video, none of the videos execute, even it could not produce any error. This problem could also be eradicated, if portal could be tested by professional testers from time to time. The task-8 in CNN, when users attempt to choose sports score of their choice, instead of showing “sports list” they found “Search Box” where they have to type sports name to get result. In this case, the designers should keep in mind that typing on keyboard and typing on mobile is not same thing. Typing letters using mobile device consumes 94 reasonable amount of time which is strictly against usability principles. Therefore, the problem can be solved simply by offering “sport lists”. It is observed that there are many errors that can easily be eliminated just with little efforts. For example, in task-13 of Amazon, the users tried to seek “GPS” under Electronic category. The users entered GPS in “Search” option to obtained result, however the results were misleading, since no sorting or indexing method was used for product listing. On first page portal shows Garmin and TomTom respectively. Generally, product lists are arranged in ascending order, hence it misleads the customer that just one Garmin GPS is available followed by TomTom GPS. However, in page two portals again shows two more Garmin GPS and TomTom GPS again. Such, errors could be controlled if portal could be reviewed or analyzed periodically. In addition, there is an increasing need for WAP portals to make portals easy to access and fast to down load, therefore companies should avoid using high graphics and images, which took extra time in down load pages. Task-5 in CNN is an example of heavy images that caused slow downloading speed. In order to answer our first research question, we worked out eighteen different factors that affect the quality of WAP services, these factors are based on the highly valuable research of world renewed researchers. Therefore we believe that, if these factors are correctly considered while preparing a new WAP service, it would certainly be act as a good guide for WAP service designers. 7.1.2 RQ 2. How the m-commerce interface design can be made user-friendly? An effective user friendly interface design plays central role in the success of mobile commerce. It is important to note that the increased functionality should not be used as an excuse for poor interface design. It is possible to design good interfaces in which different system features can be controlled effectively that can provide useful and quick response. In our study, our both sample WAP portals possess good and user friendly interface design. However, while conducting our research, we figure out some potential areas that require improvement in order to enhance the friendliness of m-commerce interface design. As a thumb rule for user-centered design, the user and user issues should be put in centre in the design process. Total system functions should be designed to meet user requirements, user learning and efficient user access. Since, user is the ultimate “Consumer” of the service, therefore easy to understand syntax and “user language” should be used in the system. For instance, in task-12 of Amazon portal, when “Product Details” explored, we got totally irrelevant and inappropriate information which caused 95 frustration at first place, and reveals the carelessness of interface design at second place. Since, we observed that Amazon is highly well-structured portal, therefore user were not expecting such output. WAP designer should put all their skills into action to make the interface user friendly. In CNN, task-8 when users attempt to find “Score” of any sports such as ice-hockey, soccer, volleyball etc. if user made any spelling mistake or keyword mistake in “Search Box” system produce any result. In addition, system does not any effort to produce an “Alternative”, (i.e. Did you mean: Ice Hockey) such response could significantly improve user experience between user and the system. One of major principal of interface design is to enrich the “user experience”, so the ultimate user must see the system as useful and functional. If a system is useful and functional, it could result as “customer revisits”. Therefore all major hindrances need to address and system should be error free. For example, CNN portal contains high graphics and images, which took longer time to down load pages, especially CNN home page contains heavy image. In task 2, the link CNN.com/LAW there was almost 9 different big or small images found which noticeably reduce the down loading time. In the same way, the designers of WAP services should make sure that when an error does occur, the user is presented with a meaningful and helpful message. In CNN.com none of videos were operational and while clicking on any video, it does not execute and system even could not generate any error massage to guide the user about the possible failure reason. The system was just “Quiet” and the situation was really annoying. If such these issues could be solved in advance, the user...
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