The earlier research indicates that user centered

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Unformatted text preview: defined on portal in an 57 ascending order, so user can just pick any sport of his/her own interest. This could significantly enhance the user experience. RQ 2. How the m-commerce interface design can be made user-friendly? The earlier research indicates that user centered interface design principles and usability principles plays key role to improve interface design. Since, our research is intended to first figure out any existing flaws in WAP services and in second research question, we will attempt to propose solutions to improve the interface design with the help of valuable research conducted by Preece et al.,1995, Nielsen, 1993, Dix et al.,1993, and Shackel et al., 1990. 5.1.2 CNN.COM Visibility of system status The visibility of system status in CNN portal was very clear. The system process the request instantly. In few places where search option was used, the system shows a message “Processing data” so that user should know something happening. For example, in task 8 “Go to sports menu, watch any sports video” the request was being processed with a system status “Processing data”. Use user’s own language In CNN portal, a real life language was used. Especially in news section, easy to understand and every day English language was used. The vocabulary selection was very simple. While writing analysis on current affaires, simple sentences were used and scientific vocabulary was avoided. For example, in task 2, “Choose world news headlines and read any corresponding article”, the article “Americans worry about Afghanistan” a simple and easy to understand language was used in a logical order, therefore an average audience without strong political knowledge can also get the picture of the news. User control and freedom The user control and freedom was ensured on CNN portal, since user move around portal using “Next”, “Previous” and “Go to Top” options were used. By using these navigation options user can easily move around the portal with ease of freedom. 58 Consistency and standards The CNN portal found highly consistent. All the main heading were in bold and in bigger font, whereas all the “detailed news” were in normal text. Wherever, there was a “SEARCH” option, it was followed by a “SUBMIT” button. Weather news in task-3 and search a video in task-4 are good examples of consistency in CNN portal. Error Prevention The error prevention method in CNN portal was not very effective. Since, in task-6 under menu, none of videos were found operational. It was even more frustrating that system does not produce any error. In addition, in task-7 “Choose a Travel plan of your choice” the external link for Air Canada was broken which shows that portal was not updated appropriately. Recognition versus Recall Since, the nature of CNN portal was limited to news and no complex shopping experience was involved, therefore most of the information was very simple to understand and recognize. In addition, the news were arranged using different news categories, therefore user can easily recognise where he can fetch his desired information, for example the football score and ice-hockey events reveals that the information is arranged under “Sports” category. Flexibility of use The CNN portal provides high level of flexibility, as within a very short period of time; the users were successfully able to conduct variety of tasks. Since, the portal was flexible to navigate, therefore users of different background (experienced and inexperienced) were equally comfortable to complete tasks 1 – 8. Aesthetic and minimalist design The information available on CNN was mostly relevant and important. The main headings were generally concise however user can proceed to sub links for further details. The news was arranged using categories and their relevancy to each other. In general, the design was aesthetic. Sensible error messages In CNN portal, error occurred twice. At first place, while conducting task-6 “watch video” none of the videos found operational, however in this case system even does not generate any error. In Second place, in task-7, In order to book a ticket under the 59 link the external link for Air Canada does not work and system generates following error message “This site is temporarily down for maintenance. Please come back later. Thanks, Sorry for inconvenience” As for as, the error message was concern, it was sensible. Robustness In order to validate robustness in CNN portal, various tasks were analyzed. Especially task-7 “Go to Travel menu, and choose a travel plan of your own choice” and task-8 “Go to sports menu, under sports highlights, watch any sports video” were performed. The task-7 was partially successful, since the user were unable to perform any travel arrangement using Air Canada external link, however they successfully perform booking using other external air lines. In task-8, the users attempt to find “Score” of different sports such as ice-hocke...
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