The objective of these tasks was to test the full

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Unformatted text preview: uch as “Books, Electronic, DVD” etc. In addition, any different product can be searched using “Search” facility. The user is guided sufficiently at various stages to carry out tasks successfully. Sensible error messages As for as, Amazon portal is concern, no error was reported. The users carried out task 914 without any major difficulty. Robustness In order to validate robustness in Amazon portal, task-13 “Find GPS under Electronics category and add to “Shopping Cart” to test a complete transaction” and Task-14 “Search any Microsoft product in software category and add into shopping cart” were analyzed. The objective of these tasks was to test the full business life cycle of portal. Both tasks were conducted successfully by using full features of the portal, such as “Product Search”, browse “product information”, add product into “shopping cart” up to payment. The response time was good. In case of spelling mistake in search, the user was guided with an “alternative”. Overall, Amazon portal is a good example of robustness. Utility Amazon portal found fully operational and functional. Users conducted multiple tasks without any hurdle and without any major difficulty. Users validated portal’s utility by testing full business life cycle of Amazon. No major error reported in portal that prevents the customer to carry out basic tasks. Safety Amazon is an online retail portal that provides variety of products to their valuable customers. The Amazon business nature is B2C. The customer can add products in “shopping cart” as much as he/she wish. In order to proceed with payment customer need to choose “proceed to checkout”. Amazon offers two options to choose and sign in, 1) I am a new customer. 2) I am returning customer. “Sign in for using our secure server”. In order to finalize the payment, customer will provide credit card information. Amazon’s payment method and web server are highly secure. Amazon portal fulfills all security measure to provide high level of system safety. 65 CHAPTER 6. DATA ANALYSIS In this chapter data will be analyzed and presented according to the mentioned methodology. At first, within-case analysis of two case studies will be presented, in which each of the two cases will be compared with theories. Secondly, cross-case analysis will be performed to compare and analyze the two cases together. RQ. 1 Does the design of current WAP services contain major usability flaws? 6.1 Within Case Analysis 6.1.1 Within Case Analysis – CNN Make careful use of graphics According to Condos et al. (2002), the use of graphics should be done very carefully, although some graphics such as corporate logo can represent a company brand or it can differentiate a WAP site from competitors, however it should look pleasant to the eyes of users and it should not occupy screen real estate which can be to present some other material. In CNN case, we found that portal contains high graphics and images, which took more time to down load pages. Specially, in task 2, the link contains almost 9 different big and small images that noticeably reduce the down loading time. Therefore, it does not support the theory. Avoid long list According to Condos et al. (2002) it is a well-documented fact that there are some users who rarely scroll down a navigation page to see any options that might not be directly visible to them. That is not mainly due to the fact that users are too lazy to scroll down, but because they are not aware of the fact that there are more options available to them. Therefore, designers of WAP services should generally avoid long lists when possible. It is observed that the portal have a very long list which take time in downloading as well as take long time to scroll down. Furthermore, we found there was approx. 25 common menus starting from “World, U.S, Weather, Business, Sports, Law, video…up to contact us” which appears constantly under every links on every page. It creates a scrolling hurdle for readers because on every page, in order to access the desired information readers first have to scroll down all these common menus and than he can access his desired information/article. Therefore it does not support the theory. 66 Make important options visible to the users According to Condos et al. (2002), in order to successfully complete a task the important menus or link should be directly visible to the users. In CNN portal all the important menus were highlighted and easily visible to the customers such as “World, U.S, Weather, Business, Sports, Law, video, Travel etc. The users can find further information by clicking on any of these links, therefore CNN portal fits with the theory. Provide clear, helpful and meaningful error messages According to Condos et al. (2002), the designers of WAP services should make sure that when an error does occur, the user is presented with a meaningful and, more importantly, helpful message. In portal case, under menu link, none of videos were operational. While, clicking on a...
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