We have formed our questionnaire in the light of

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Unformatted text preview: sources. Table 4.5.1: Source of Evidence Source: Yin 1994, P. 85 50 In our study, we will collect data by questionnaire. We have formed our questionnaire in the light of previous theories conducted on WAP usability. We have asked students in our selected sample to carry out some specific “Preset tasks” and then fill up a “satisfaction questionnaire” which we will use to assess user satisfaction level about WAP usability. Following is the list of preset tasks which we have used as guide for our questionnaire The Tasks The preset tasks were compiled with following purposes in mind. We make an attempt to provide the users with a wide range of tasks, which the users would use in a real life situation We will make the preset tasks list in by keeping in mind the interest of the user, so they feel comfortable while conducting tasks. For example we will start with interested areas such as latest news and weather forecast We want to ask the participants to carry out tasks whose difficulty would increase gradually Task Table Task Task Description 1 Connect to CNN portal and read latest world news 2 Choose world news headlines and read any corresponding article 3 Retrieve tomorrow’s weather forecast for Texas 4 Retrieve tonight TV listing of Star Movies 5 Retrieve Law Reports and read an article 6 Go to Video menu and watch any video clip of your own interest and go back to home page Go to Travel menu, and choose a travel plan of your own choice 7 8 10 Go to sports menu, under sports highlights, search sport sore of any game / watch any sports video Connect to Amazon WAP portal and choose any Book or Text Book based on Book Title or author name Choose Jewelry & Watches and find Jewelry or Watch of your interest 11 Find any DVD of your interest based on DVD name or Actor name 12 Find the latest deals under “Deal of the day” and explore the product details 13 Find GPS under “Electronics” category and add to “Shopping Cart” to test a complete transaction Search any Microsoft product in “software category” and adds into “shopping cart” 9 14 51 We used Nokia E61i & Nokia E63 cell phones to carry out above mention tasks. Since, we found these cell phones best for WAP accessibility and high performance. Only one participant was tested at a time. It took approx. 40-50 minutes each participant to complete these tasks. The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the usability of WAP services; therefore we have chosen two American WAP portals www.amazon.com which is world famous for its online books and magazines shopping and www.cnn.com which is world leader in latest news information delivery. The choice is made based on facts that both WAP portals are well structured and well established. The second reason of this choice of both WAP portals is that these are different in its business nature; therefore we can have a broader vision and extended results, rather than just selecting similar portals and gets the similar results. The study will makes an attempt to identify errors and difficulties concerned in navigating the WAP sites by utilizing the available services. Furthermore, the study will focus on following issues: Can users perform and complete common tasks within an acceptable amount of time? Is the design of WAP services containing major usability flaws? What obstacles prevent completion of common tasks? Is the design of WAP services cause for frustration and errors? 4.6 Data Analysis According to Yin (1994) data analysis consists of examining, categorizing, tabulating or recombining the evidence to address the initial propositions of a study. The ultimate objective of analyzing data is to treat the evidence fairly, to produce compelling analytical results and to rule out alternative interpretations. There are two strategies to choose between two general analytical strategies these are Relying on theoretical propositions or Developing a case description According to Yin (1994) relying on theoretical propositions is the most common strategy used for a case study. The result of this strategy is that the data collection is based on research questions taken from previous studies. The findings of the study will then be compared with the results/findings from previous studies. This method is particularly useful in answering the “how” and “why” questions. 52 According to Miles & Huberman (1994) data analysis consists of three simultaneous flows of activities. These three activities are data reduction, data display, and conclusion drawing and verification. Data reduction should not be considered to be separate from analysis, but a part of it. This reduction of the data helps to sharpen, sort, focus, discard, and organize the data in a way that allows for final conclusions to be drawn and verified. Data reduction refers to the process of selecting, focusing, simplifying, abstracting, and transforming the raw data. This reduction helps in sharpening, sorting, focusing, discarding and organizing data so that final conclusions can...
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