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4- ST_IT_Q2_2010 - IT Q2 2010 Advice and analysis on the...

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e [email protected] t +44 (0) 20 7551 9000 A d v i c e a n d a n a l y s i s o n t h e g l o b a l I T m a r k e t IT Q2 2010 A GLOBAL REVIEW OF RETAIL M-COMMERCE TODAY PAGE 16 WHY M-COMMERCE MATTERS TO BANKS PAGE 20 MOBILE MALWARE – COMING TO A PHONE NEAR YOU? PAGE 24 THE ROLE OF M-COMMERCE IN THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY PAGE 28
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2 STRAIGHT TALK IT Welcome to this issue of Ovum Straight Talk IT. With patchy signs of recovery and some cautious optimism penetrating key geographies and industries, many organizations are looking to technology to help them innovate in order to support revenue growth. In this edition we shine a spotlight on m-commerce in order to assess the impact and prospects for this technology-enabled channel, which has seen its fair share of false starts. The retail sector continues to struggle with the year-on-year increases in cost exacerbated by an overall decline in consumer spend. Retailers need to be able to reach out to new customers while encouraging existing customers to spend more. As Christine Bardwell explains, m-commerce represents an opportunity to do just this as part of an overarching multi-channel retail strategy. Having endured some bleak times, the retail banking sector is also re-examining the potential of m-commerce to solidify its position in what is a complex and fragmented value chain. Alex Kwiatkowski explains the rationale behind this interest and discusses how m-commerce could yet prove to be the gateway technology that opens the door to more comprehensive mobile banking and payment services. But before we all get carried away with the latest handsets and the richer m-commerce experience they facilitate, there’s a sobering piece of analysis by Martha Bennett, Graham Titterington, and Andy Kellett that points to the threat of mobile malware. As they highlight, it’s entirely logical that the more we use our mobile devices for commercial and informational transactions the more the criminal fraternity will want to exploit this channel for nefarious means! Finally, in our last m-commerce piece, Barry Rabkin examines the potential impact it will have on the insurance industry. The key for insurers, it seems, is to embrace m-commerce not just as a means for facilitating financial transactions but as part of a strategy to deliver flexible, world-class customer service. This mandates that insurers adopt a broad view of m-commerce and look for opportunities to exploit this capability at distinct points of the value chain. In a piece that talks to organizations of all shapes and sizes, Madan Sheina takes us back to basics to reinforce a simple lesson – that bad data will negatively impact your business. Like a disease, this data courses through the arteries of business, impacting a range of processes and systems. Addressing this issue requires a joined-up approach between business and IT.
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