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Agile projects use multiple short term iterations or

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Unformatted text preview: approaches built on the notion that the goalposts are always moving. The software development community has developed Agile methodologies based on that premise. Agile projects use multiple, short-term iterations or release cycles, directed by relatively simple requirements or “user stories” that evolve with each development cycle. When implementing EHR systems, consider adopting Agile software development methodologies so your implementation can stay current with best practices. This is a case where healthcare providers can leapfrog their counterparts in other sectors. Using modern, SOA technologies and iterative development practices, healthcare providers might teach their counterparts in other sectors best practices in enterprise agility. S TRAIGHTTALK I T 35 Aim high to avoid cloud pitfalls TIM STAMMERS S erver virtualization cuts costs and boosts IT agility. But the flexibility that it brings to IT operations comes at the cost of increased complexity, which threatens to undercut its benefits. The challenges should not be underestimated, and the best way to meet them is to focus on the ultimate goal: policy-based IT management, within a private cloud. Virtualization cuts costs and boosts agility Ovum estimates that around 70% of costs for typical IT operations are associated with the maintenance of the status quo and existing applications, and only 30% is spent developing new applications that will keep businesses profitable and competitive. Given that change is one of the few constants in commercial life, and that IT is now fundamental to almost all businesses, improvements to this 70:30 ratio are invaluable. The take-up of x64 virtualization began in development departments, where it provided a means of consolidating 36 S TRAIGHTTALK I T The best way to avoid problems is to begin virtualization projects with an understanding that virtualization is a long-term project and that the longterm goal is policybased management of a uniform IT infrastructure. or reducing hardware requirements. Exactly the same virtue has propelled the technology from the development department into production servers. Si...
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