At the same time business users and even market

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Unformatted text preview: ime, business users and even market regulators are curiously tolerant of poor data quality. Another paradox is that there are often covert projects delivered as part of larger enterprise data integration business initiatives that have a tendency to overrun or fail. Part of the reason for this not being handled at an earlier stage is that data quality issues often remain opaque until someone attempts to use the data. The lesson is simple: you can run from bad data, but you can’t hide from it forever. Eventually bad data will become transparent to IT systems and manifest itself in bad business decisions. S TRAIGHTTALK I T 7 8 S TRAIGHTTALK I T Hype and actuality in information security breaches S ecurity breaches are expensive and common. Most are caused by the same old problems that we have been battling for years. Many leading organizations in the field produce regular threat or vulnerability reports. We have “surveyed the surveys” and believe their different constituencies or methodologies can explain the variance in their messages. The underlying trends are clear. GRAHAM TITTERINGTON The threat level is rising The growing malware threat Whatever view you take of the threat to information security, the environment is getting more hostile. Both anecdotal and quantitative evidence suggests that the rate of increase is also growing. Increase in 2009 450% 400% 350% Urban myths are not a basis for security policy 300% 250% Don’t be fooled by people who say that IT security is now sorted and that a few basic products from markets that have become commoditized will take care of things. Headline results from the study led to the following conclusions: 200% 150% 100% 50% 0% CSI – organizations infected by malware RSA Security – phishing attacks Cisco – incident total Sophos – Cisco – malware passworddistributed stealing Trojans through social networking Organization and type of incident Verizon Business – number of records breached ■ Keep up your defenses against external threats....
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