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Finally in our last m commerce piece barry rabkin

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Unformatted text preview: ns! Finally, in our last m-commerce piece, Barry Rabkin examines the potential impact it will have on the insurance industry. The key for insurers, it seems, is to embrace m-commerce not just as a means for facilitating financial transactions but as part of a strategy to deliver flexible, world-class customer service. This mandates that insurers adopt a broad view of m-commerce and look for opportunities to exploit this capability at distinct points of the value chain. In a piece that talks to organizations of all shapes and sizes, Madan Sheina takes us back to basics to reinforce a simple lesson – that bad data will negatively impact your business. Like a disease, this data courses through the arteries of business, impacting a range of processes and systems. Addressing this issue ABOUT OVUM Editor Aimee Chadwick Art Director Nick Pichon We advise on the commercial impact of technology and market changes in telecoms, software, and IT services. Ovum is the largest European-headquartered authority on these markets. We offer a range of integrated services, including consulting, advisory services, and spet research. CONTRIBUTING WRITERS CONTACT DETAILS Tony Baer Christine Bardwell Martha Bennett Christine Chang Andy Kellett Alex Kwiatkowski Laurent Lachal Barry Rabkin Madan Sheina Tim Stammers Graham Titterington To find out more about Ovum contact us at your nearest office or visit our website www.ovum.com. EDITORIAL 2 S TRAIGHTTALK I T Europe LONDON, UK Damien McInerny Phone +44(0) 20 7551 9315 email [email protected] requires a joined-up approach between business and IT. Cloud computing continues to fill column inches of IT trade publications, but you have probably not have seen as sobering an assessment of the economics of cloud as the one provided here by Laurent Lachal. Tim Stammers pulls the covers off server virtualization and explains why policies and controls are required to keep pace with the increasing levels of complexity that go hand in hand with virtualized environments. In fu...
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