For instance a hospital with an established system

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Unformatted text preview: uilding a good costbenefits case. Clearly, providers with robust cost-accounting practices will be better positioned to quantify potential benefits. For instance, a hospital with an established system for tracking the pharmacy can readily capture the costs of prescription errors. To succeed with EHR systems, healthcare providers must put real commitment into the game. Top management must commit to making the project a top priority and provide the resources to make the initiative credible. Borrowing a page from ERP and other enterprise application implementations, EHR initiatives should start with a cross-functional team comprising key stakeholders across the institution. Get top management to give stakeholder representatives dedicated time to participate in project design and review. For EHR projects, that should include representatives from the back office, admissions, nursing, physicians, and pharmacists. The list of possible rationales for EHR could practically fill a book. Although many of the benefits are specific to healthcare delivery, such as increased patient privacy and security, others are surprisingly generic. For instance, EHR systems deliver a common goal of improved cost efficiencies, as redundancy and overlaps in care delivery are more readily eliminated, or improved customer satisfaction through self-service access to medical records, which empowers patients to make better lifestyle and wellness choices. In the US, the goal of “meaningful use” may have been legislated for healthcare providers by statute, but the goals – and terminology – could apply to any enterprise IT project in any region. Attaining meaningful use requires a commitment of people and a dedication to consistent, repeatable processes before technology can even be considered. There is no need for healthcare providers to blaze new trails here, as their counterparts in other sectors have already mapped this path. The goal is viral acceptance. Look for potential allies or thought leaders within target stakeholder groups; for instance, if your team i...
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