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If correctly implemented mobile will close the multi

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Unformatted text preview: up the shopping or brand experience. If correctly implemented, mobile will close the multi-channel circle, unifying the multi-channel operation while creating a seamlessly integrated shopping experience that will not only ensure the needs of modern, 18 S TRAIGHTTALK I T tech-savvy shoppers are met but also that growth is maximized across all channels. M-commerce is an opportunity to boost sales across all retail channels Mobile’s application as a marketing tool and way of interacting with customers can potentially provide a significant boost to the online channel as well as in-store sales. As mobile phones continue to be an important part of consumers’ experience, m-commerce will be an essential avenue through which to generate growth across all channels, by enhancing the shopping experience through allowing greater interaction between the consumer and retailer. Retailers should allow people to interact, shop, and engage in a way that makes sense to them at a time that is convenient. By fully exploiting all the opportunities provided by mobile technology, retailers will be able to maximize sales in each channel. than $13 billion in 2010 – by far the largest m-commerce market in the world, accounting for 57% of global m-commerce revenues. The Japanese market stands out against all other markets as the leader and innovator in the consumer mobile sector; for example, mobile contactless payment is a standard service in Japan. We believe that already more than 15% of all e-commerce transactions in Japan are made using a mobile device, putting the country years ahead compared with other advanced countries. That said, according to our survey of Japanese retailers, only 10% offer m-commerce services. This could suggest either that m-commerce purchases in Japan are generally of high transactional value or that much m-commerce is carried out through third-party sites such as Shopsavvy or collaborations between mobile operators and retailers. The most likely situation, however, is that most mobile spending in Japan is on downloads of digital products suc...
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