In further pieces graham titterington separates myth

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Unformatted text preview: rther pieces, Graham Titterington separates myth from reality with regards to information security breaches, and Tony Baer and Christine Chang collaborate on an article that encourages organizations implementing EHR systems to learn lessons from the past. Please do contact us via w if you would like to comment on these articles or find out more about our services. Ian Charlesworth Director, Research and Analysis (Industries) Tim Jennings Director, Research and Analysis (Technologies) COLOGNE, GERMANY Daniel Buchartz Phone +49(0) 221 5540 5161 email [email protected] PARIS, FRANCE Linda Piccoli Phone +33 1 72 76 26 92 email [email protected] North America BOSTON, US Brett Azuma Phone +1 408 454 4250 email [email protected] Asia-Pacific MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA Tony Bartolome Phone +61(0) 3 9601 6720, email [email protected] SEOUL, KOREA John Kim Phone +82 2 3210 3966 email [email protected] DISCLAIMER Whilst every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this material, the facts, estimates, and opinions stated are based on information and sources which, while we believe them to be reliable, are not guaranteed. In particular, it should not be relied upon as the sole source of reference in relation to the subject matter. No liability can be accepted by Ovum Europe Limited, its directors, or employees for any loss occasioned to any person or entity acting or failing to act as a result of anything contained in or omitted from the content of this material, or our conclusions as stated. The findings are Ovum’s current opinions; they are subject to change without notice. Ovum has no obligation to update or amend the research or to let anyone know if our opinions change materially. 4 Improving data quality to boost business in a downturn 8 Hype and actuality in information security breaches 12 Cloud computing costs in perspective 16 20 Mobile malware - coming to a phone near you? 28 The role of m-commerce in the insurance industry Electronic health records: getting the basics right 36 Why m-commerce matters to banks 24 32 A global review of retail m-commerce today Aim high to avoid cloud pitfalls S TRAIGHTTALK I T 3 Improving data quality to boost business in a downturn Corporate data cannot simply be collected like dirty laundry that is thrown into a machine and left unattended to come out spotless a few hours later 4 S TRAIGHTTALK I T MADAN SHEINA T he current macroeconomic malaise means that IT budgets are under increased scrutiny and many n...
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