It is difficult to argue against the desirability of

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Unformatted text preview: s encountering physician resistance, find a doctor who is sympathetic. Form tag teams in which enthusiasts buddy with others who might be fearful of change. It is difficult to argue against the desirability of these benefits, but as any enterprise IT project veteran can testify, it is often equally daunting to quantify the value proposition. Labor savings, such as time saved in creating and maintaining paperwork, is one thing; intangible benefits, such as the value of having more satisfied (and loyal) customers, is another because it often requires a leap of faith. The process side of EHR systems is the urgent need to rationalize workflows rather than simply digitize existing overlaps and redundancies; this is a strategy that should be familiar to any ERP project veteran. When planning an EHR implementation, examine the processes, asking questions such as: As for the cost side of the equation, the challenges parallel those of enterprise applications projects. For instance, a key lesson to be learned from ERP, CRM, and other enterprise applications projects is that the vendor’s response to an RFP is not the last word on costs. As experience has shown, systems integration costs are often underestimated, and frequently far exceed the costs of the software itself. ■ what are their tasks – are there bottlenecks, redundancies, Controlling project costs requires not only firm vendor contracts, but also sound estimates for internal resources and strong project management and direction to prevent scope creep. It also requires a close inventory of existing systems that will interface or integrate with the new EHR system to accurately estimate integration costs. 34 S TRAIGHTTALK I T ■ who performs which roles? and staff frustration? ■ where does it make sense to breach the functional silos that sometimes have different practitioners performing overlapping tasks? Then map the desired end state. Standardizing processes, data, and terminology across departmental boundaries (or institutional one...
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