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Unformatted text preview: tualization changes the relationship between servers, storage, and networking, which causes IT specializations to overlap or, in the worst cases, collide. S TRAIGHTTALK I T 37 38 S TRAIGHTTALK I T Some IT organizations have set up spet teams as spearheads for virtualization projects. The members of these teams have covered the multiple disciplines of server, networking, and storage management. The presence of representatives from various IT departments helps overcome resistance to change. However, given that server virtualization is being introduced as a permanent rather than a temporary feature of the IT landscape, an exit strategy or plan to transfer skills from these temporary teams to other staff is essential. Regardless of the method of introduction, an underlying problem that IT departments face is human resistance to change. Application owners are reluctant to allow their physical server platforms to be replaced with virtual equivalents. This has already been experienced in many businesses. The options for overcoming this obstacle fall into the carrot and stick categories. The former will result in faster universal acceptance of server virtualization, and might be achieved by offering increased SLAs or detailed reporting on performance and resource utilization during the transition from physical to virtual servers. Handholding for the first wave of application owners will smooth the path to wider acceptance. Virtualization is a foundation for policy-based management The best way to avoid these problems is to begin virtualization projects with an understanding that virtualization is a long-term project and that the longterm goal is policy-based management of a uniform IT infrastructure. By breaking the links between hardware and applications, server virtualization can eventually eradicate much of the silo-like nature of current infrastructures. That makes the goal of policy-based IT management more achievable, because policies can be applied universally across an infrastructur...
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