The biggest m commerce spend is in japan but are

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Unformatted text preview: h as ringtones, games, and screensavers. The biggest m-commerce spend is in Japan, but are retailers adopting it? US retailers lead m-commerce adoption Ovum estimates that the Japanese m-commerce market is worth more According to our survey, nearly half of all medium and large retailers in the US have adopted (or intend to adopt) Around 20% of large and mediumsized retailers in the US have already adopted m-commerce. US discount department store Target is an example of an early adopter of m-commerce. The retailer is already using mobile in a number of ways including incoming and outgoing text message marketing campaigns; a mobile-optimized site where customers can view products, read reviews, and find the nearest store; barcode scanning; and using the mobile as a gift card. The retailer has also been managing its iPhone application since 2008. This wide mobile strategy enables all mobile phone users to engage, no matter the capability of their phone. Retail m-commerce adoption in India is growing faster than in Europe Although the UK is one of the leading m-commerce adopters in Europe, with around 10% of retailers offering m-commerce, this is only half the percentage of Indian retailers. In fact, in terms of early adoption, India is on par with the market leader, the US. For consumers without fixed Internet access in developing countries, mobile Internet is highly significant as it could become the primary channel for shopping. In some cases such as India, mobile already has a higher market penetration than fixed Internet. So it makes sense that 23% of retailers in India offer m-commerce services and a further 13% plan to implement them this year. Smartphone uptake is one of the biggest drivers of m-commerce activity… In most developed e-commerce markets, the driver for m-commerce has been the recent surge in requires a different approach. Coupons or barcodes can be sent to these handsets either by SMS or downloaded via the WAP browser. Text-and-collect and SMS feedback systems are also options for retailers with a larg...
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