The reality is that the old threats of viruses worms

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Unformatted text preview: ortray. The reality is that the old threats of viruses, worms, and Trojans are still used by a determined and well-organized criminal underworld to extract money and information from companies and individuals. Contrary to the belief of many vendors and commentators, the main threat still comes from outside the organization, although the risk of insider abuse of information should not be ignored. Organizations must not neglect these basic security provisions in the rush for more glamorous technologies in the areas of data loss prevention, security incident management, and identity management. The small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector has a particular need to deploy effective and comprehensive protection while lacking the expertise to evaluate the threat landscape and deploy appropriate measures. There will be a ready market for managed or cloud services to fill this need, for example using “cleanpipe” delivery mechanisms. Potential service providers need products that encapsulate appropriate technologies and can be deployed on a multi-tenant platform and scale to support a large number of customers. Stay relevant We advocate the importance of not neglecting more traditional aspects of IT security. However, vendors also need to be alert in order to provide protection against new and emerging threats, and integrate this protection into their enterprise security suites. Social engineering attacks across social networking platforms and phishing attacks using SMS messaging or automated telephone calls are increasing threats, particularly in the field of banking. Try to reduce the number of incidents caused by accidental errors Organizations should address the causes of accidental errors as a means of reducing losses relatively cheaply. Better staff training and more “idiotproof” systems and procedures would allow organizations to win some “lowhanging fruit” in the battle to reduce losses at a lower cost than is incurred in waging war on the cybercriminals. Vendors should focus on the protection of business processes Enterprises need well-integrated and comprehensive security products that provide an efficient and cost-effective shield ag...
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