Consumer uptake of smartphones and the corresponding

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Unformatted text preview: e customer base using WAP browsing. consumer uptake of smartphones and the corresponding enthusiasm for mobile Internet. Apple’s iPhone has fundamentally changed user expectations of mobile phones and services. Several other device manufacturers and software platform suppliers are extending iPhone-type functionality to other mobile devices, reducing the cost of smartphones and making them more accessible to a wider audience. Understanding the customer is the first step in m-commerce Understanding customers is the first step in establishing an m-commerce business, as the mobile experience must be geared towards their requirements. Retailers should understand the main reasons for their customers using a mobile device as part of the shopping experience, the type of customers that are most likely to engage with or buy via mobile, and what it is they want to buy. Customer insight can be used to deliver highly successful marketing campaigns, create better relationships with customers, and facilitate the use of the mobile phone as a research and interaction tool. This in turn helps to boost sales across channels. Awareness of such factors will inform retailers of the best approach to m-commerce, how to target consumers, and the most suitable technology to deploy. But smartphones only account for a small proportion of handsets The chart below illustrates Ovum’s mobile phone global shipment estimates, specifically highlighting the growth in smartphone handset shipments. It shows that although the smartphone market is growing quickly, it still accounts for only a small percentage of overall mobile phone shipments. Retailers embarking on m-commerce will need to take these figures into consideration and also undertake research to understand handset usage within their customer demographic. That’s not to say that forming an m-commerce strategy should be scrapped if the customer base is mostly using low-tech handsets; it just OVUM GLOBAL HANDSET SHIPMENT FORECASTS, 2008–14 1.6 Handsets shipped (billions) m-commerce by the end of 2010, with around 20% implementing an m-comme...
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