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Unformatted text preview: Enterprise planning 5.3 Transfer planning and institutional design 5.4 Post-transfer service and support 5.5 International perspective on South African land reform and farmer support policy Opportunities for the FAO-funded Pilot Programme 6.1 Current policy dynamics 6.2 Opportunity 1: Incubator approach using commonage, PLAS or communal land 6.3 Opportunity 2: Identify and support farming project ‘Dynamizers’ 6.4 Opportunity 3: Agrarian Reform Coordinators 6.5 Opportunity 4: Occupational training and accreditation for Agrarian Reform Coordinators 6.6 Opportunity 5 : Development of the “One-stop Shop” concept VIII IX ix ix xi xiv xvi xvi xvi xvii xvii xviii xviii xviii xix xix xix xx xx MAIN REPORT Main Report Contents 1 Introduction 2 Review of Farmer Support Programmes 3 Comparison of South African and International Land Reform Experiences 4 Case Summaries and Lessons 5 Case Analysis 6 Best practice findings 7 Opportunities for the FAO-supported Pilot Programme 1 3 5 7 24 31 59 64 75 REFERENCES 79 A review of experiences of establishing emerging farmers in South Africa ACRONYMS ABET ABP ARDRI CASP CPA CPI DALA DLA DoA EFA FES FAO HDI HOD ICON IDP LARP LRAD MCP MMMPP NGO QCTO PDA PLAS RDP SIS SLAG SMME WESGRO Adult Basic Education and Training Area Based Planning Fort Hare Rural Agricultural and Rural Development Research Institute Comprehensive Agricultural Support Grant Common Property Association Communal Property Initiative Department of Land Affairs - Mpumalanga Province Department of Land Affairs Department of Agriculture Emerging Farmers Association Farm Equity Sharing Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Historically Disadvantage Individuals Head of Department Iterative-Consultative Planning Integrated Development Plan Land and Agrarian Reform Project Land Re-distribution for Agricultural Development Municipal Commonage Programme Mpumalanga Management and Mentoring Pilot Programme Non-governmental Organization Quality Council for Trades and Occupations Provincial Department of Agriculture Pro-active Area-Based Planning Rural Development Programme Settlement and Implementation Support Strategy Settlement Land Acquisition Grant Small and Medium Micro-enterprise The Western Cape Investment and Trade Promotion Agency viii...
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