In recognition of this role the south african

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Unformatted text preview: nition of this role, the South African Department of Agriculture (DoA), signed a cooperation agreement with FAO in 2007. One of the two components of the project agreement (GCP/RAF/412/SAF) is designed to build Government capacity in providing effective support to emerging farmers. The second component intends to create a capacity for aid management in the Department of Agriculture. At the end of Apartheid in 1994, eighty-six percent of South Africa’s farmland was in the hands of the white minority, while over thirteen million black people lived in crowded former homelands under extreme poverty. Since 1994, the Government has embarked on a comprehensive land reform programme to address the racial imbalance in land holding and secure the land rights of the historically disadvantaged. The project is designed to assist the government in achieving its target of transferring 30 percent of the white commercial farms to formerly disadvantaged people by 2014 in an effective and sustainable manner. The project agreement envisages a set of normative activities as part of the capacity building effort at provincial and national levels for effective service delivery in support of the emerging farmers who have benefited from the land reform programme. In th...
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