In this context fao contracted the umhlaba consulting

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Unformatted text preview: is context, FAO contracted the Umhlaba Consulting Group (Pty) Ltd. to undertake a review of experiences of emerging farmers and associated support programmes. The study, which was based on literature review and case studies of six farms, assessed land reform policy, examined the support programmes and their implementation, and documented experiences of the emerging case farms. Programmes reviewed included the Settlement Land Acquisition Grant (SLAG), the Land Re-distribution for Agricultural Development (LRAD) instrument, Farm Equity Schemes, Municipal Commonage Programmes, Land Restitution and the Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP). Existing practices were reviewed and then compared with international best practice practices. The findings of the review indicate that land and agrarian reform programmes demand a high degree of capacity among implementing and overseeing agencies. The report proposes a wide range of measures to improve the delivery of support services including: (i) rigorous selection of beneficiary farmers; (ii) design of appropriate policy incentives; (iii) improved coordination mechanisms among service providers; and (iv) enhanced access to technology, finance, farm management skills and market information. It is...
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