The national department of agriculture of the south

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Unformatted text preview: ment of Agriculture of the South African Government provided valuable policy direction from the start of the assignment under the energetic directorship of Messrs Mkhululi Mankazana and Joe Kgobokoe. The practical outcomes which are relevant to the Department’s objectives in the future pilot phase of the assignment would not have been possible without their interest, wit and sharp critique. Mr Chris Williams of the Non-governmental Organization, TRAC-MP, is thanked for his direct input to the Noku case study write-up. The farmers and land reform beneficiaries of the six cases studies are gratefully acknowledged for their willingness to share their relevant knowledge and insights into how farmer support can be improved in the land reform context. A review of experiences of establishing emerging farmers in South Africa vii CONTENTS FOREWORD III AUTHOR OUTLINES IV ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS V ACRONYMS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 2 3 4 5 6 Introduction Literature Review of Farmer Support Programmes Illustrative Case Studies Case Study Analysis Recommendations for Best Practice 5.1 Beneficiary selection 5.2...
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