Lab 4 - Human Cardiovascular

2 compliance how easily the walls of the vessel can

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Unformatted text preview: tch. Resistance is proportional to the vessel length (L) and vessel (L) the fluid viscosity the fluid viscosity () and inversely proportional to the and inversely proportional to the fourth power of the radius (r). Small changes in radius will have a large affect on blood flow Blood flow is regulated primarily through changes in the radius of the vessels. Problem There is a 10 ml volume increase in two vessels. One is stiff stiff with a small capacitance and the second is a very compliant, large capacitance vessel. How will this volume change effect pressure in these two vessels? th Answer – There will be a greater increase in pressure in the vessel with the smaller compliance compliance compliance = volume/pressure A high compliance – easy to stretch – means that a large volume can be added with only a small change change in pressure. Capacitance (holding capacity) is often used Capacitance (holding capacity) is often used together together with compliance. If a vessel is If compliant, then it has large capacitance. complian...
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