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Lab 4 - Human Cardiovascular

3mmhg 3mmhg cardiac output co the amount of blood

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Unformatted text preview: umped Output (CO) the amount of blood pumped from from each ventricle per minute Function of the volume of blood ejected per beat, Function Stroke Volume (SV), and the beats per min, Heart Rate (HR) CO = SV X HR SV HR CO ~ 5L/min in adults at rest Systemic Arteries – branch off from the Aorta Smallest arteries branch arteries into arterioles into arterioles which then branch into capillaries capillaries Capillaries fuse to form venules venules which unite to form veins form veins Microcirculation – the collective terminology of collective terminology of the the arterioles, capillaries, and venules Hemodynamics – Blood Flow Hemod Flow through the arteries and veins is affected by: Pressure Resistance Basic Flow Equation Flow = (Pressure Difference)/Resistance Q = P/R Blood flow is always from a higher pressure region to a lower pressure region and is a passive process. process. Vascular Resistance – how hard it is to make fluid flow through the vessel Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) – remains fairly constant Changes in resistance cause changes in flow for the most part Resistance Resistance Compliance Pressure inside a blood vessel depends on: R = (8L)/r4 1. 2. Compliance – how easily the walls of the vessel can stre...
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