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Lab 4 - Human Cardiovascular

If a vessel is if compliant then it has large

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Unformatted text preview: t, then it has a large capacitance. Characteristics of the Vasculature Arteries have smooth muscle and large numbers of elastic fibers in their walls fibers in their walls. Allowing them to stretch and accommodate the blood being ejected from the heart Conduit vessels relatively low and unchanging resistance Conduit vessels - relatively low and unchanging resistance to to flow Capacitance – minimal changes Pressure in Arterial System – determined by volume changes Arterioles also have smooth muscle, but less elastic fibers compared compared to arteries. P = Volume / Compliance Since the first vessel is stiff, compliance does not change with the first vessel is stiff compliance does not change with the change in volume. With the volume increase, pressure has to increase. ( in numerator larger than in denominator) The volume of blood in the vessel. How easily the vessel wall can be stretched. Diameters can be changed to regulate blood flow through organs. Arterioles are the resistance vessels. Capillaries do not contain smooth muscle. Dia...
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