Lab 4 - Human Cardiovascular

Intense bradycardia intense vasoconstriction in all

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Unformatted text preview: nse is unusual in that both parasympathetic and sympathetic activity are increased This reflex allows a person to survive longer without oxygen underwater than someone in a similar th situation on land Important Notes for Lab 4 Im Managing time at each station is critical for getting through the lab lab You need to divide up responsibilities before your group comes to lab so you don’t waste time Please read your lab manual closely so you know what to Pl do at each station Assign roles for yourself for each station Have a group member who is in fairly decent shape be the volunteer for the tilt table and exercise component of this lab. This person should wear attire that is appropriate for exercise. If you are good at taking blood pressure, you may be recruited to help other groups. Feel free to bring your own stethoscope and blood pressure cuff if you have one. It is essential that you keep the noise level down in the lab so that the people taking blood pressures can hear what they need to hear...
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