Lab 4 - Human Cardiovascular

The overall resistance to flow through through the

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Unformatted text preview: e known: known: TPR = MAP/CO Compression creates negative transmural pressure creates negative transmural pressure Gradual Decrease in Pressure Decrease in Pressure Flow through open vessel generates turbulence Korotkoff Sound – sound from turbulence Systolic Pressure – first sound heard, peak pressure in artery artery Diastolic Pressure – when the ‘whooshing’ sound disappears The Arterial Baroreceptor Reflex Effect Effect of Posture on Blood Pressure Why do we sometimes feel dizzy for a couple of seconds if we stand up to quickly? Shift from supine to upright: Gravity forces blood to pool in the lower leg veins Veins distend – shift in blood volume away from the chest and head towards the lower legs Decrease in Venous Return – Leads to Decrease in Stroke Volume and a Decrease in Arterial Pressure Stroke Volume and Decrease in Arterial Pressure Decrease in Arterial Pressure can result in inadequate cerebral blood flow How does the body return the blood pressure to a normal level? Reflex – negative feedback, prevents large changes in MAP despite changes in the heart or blood vessels Arterial Baroreceptors...
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